Steel vs. Fiberglass: An Entry Door Comparison

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Fiberglass entry doors are steadily growing in popularity but they are facing stiff competition from steel entry doors, which have been around for a while. Still, this isn’t just about which entry door has been in the market the longest so fiberglass models definitely have a shot at coming out on top. So how do steel and fiberglass entry doors compare?


Steel entry doors have a solid reputation when it comes to durability because they have the ability to withstand wear and tear due to exposure to the elements. However, even steel has a few weaknesses, like the tendency to develop rust spots because of the constant presence of moisture. When left unchecked, a rust spot can worsen and eventually compromise the entirety of a steel door. Additionally steel entry doors are also vulnerable to denting or warping, when hit with enough force.

Fiberglass entry doors, on the other hand, are just as capable as steel entry doors in standing up to harsh weather conditions, but has a leg up over the latter because they are immune to moisture damage and do not develop rust spots. Furthermore, fiberglass does not dent or crack when struck with force. This means that entry doors made from the material will not be vulnerable to hailstorms.

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When it comes to sheer mass, few can match the weight of a steel entry door. Unfortunately, heavier doesn’t always mean better, as a heavier door takes more effort to operate. The heft will also strain hinges, causing them to give out sooner.

Despite being up there with steel doors in terms of durability, fiberglass entry doors are surprisingly lightweight, weighing even less than solid wood doors. Aside from easier operation, components are less likely to fail sooner so replacing parts or difficulty in using fiberglass entry doors should not be a problem.

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Energy Efficiency

Steel doesn’t offer much when it comes to energy efficiency because the material tends to absorb a lot of heat during the warmer months but lose heat too quickly as well when it is cold. This makes keeping indoor temperature in your home stable more difficult, which could lead to your HVAC system working overtime.

On the other hand, fiberglass entry doors are filled with foam, imparting better than average insulative properties to the doors compared to those made of steel and even wood. This makes fiberglass entry doors a welcome addition to any home looking to improve its energy efficiency.


While steel entry doors function well, they can require a lot of effort to look great. In fact, leave them unpainted and they’ll appear very dull, prompting homeowners to put in extra work to ensure that their steel entry door looks good.

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This isn’t the case with fiberglass entry doors. As they can be made to look like they are made from other materials, fiberglass entry doors can go well with basically any kind of home style, making complementing their property easy for homeowners.

Fiberglass entry doors trump steel ones in many ways but you’ll only really truly benefit from getting them if you have yours installed by a professional. If you’re interested in what a fiberglass entry door can do for you, don’t hesitate talk to your local door contractor today!


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