Where to Start When Giving Your Home a Makeover

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Is your home beginning to look old, worn and just a little bit forlorn? Are you getting tired of looking at the same old, boring facade? In the face of constantly changing trends in home design, it’s normal for a homeowner to want to update the look of a home. But how do you breathe new life into a home with a single update? Here are some high-value projects worth considering.

The Roof

A roof makes up 40% of your home’s appearance from the curb, so you might be surprised how a roof replacement can improve its look. Older roofs usually have unsightly signs of wear and tear that don’t just look bad, but can also weaken the roof and make the rest of the home vulnerable to leaks and energy loss. With the right material in the right profile, you can give this large component instant curb appeal.

From old to new. Three-tab shingles scream “cheap” as opposed to trendy. If you want a more modern vibe, consider replacing them with eye-catching architectural asphalt shingles. Combined with the right windows and siding, you can quickly change your home’s overall appearance from outdated to contemporary.

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Preserving your home’s original look. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your home’s original style as long as you do something to keep it fresh. Give your home’s classic feel a new lease on life by picking a new asphalt roofing option designed to imitate the look of more traditional material, such as shake or tile.


If your roof defines the style of your home, siding gives your home its character. Old siding can have mold streaks or even broken panels that will increasingly detract from its look over time.

A change in direction. The type of siding used on your home can give the illusion of changing your home’s size. For example, horizontal siding tends to make your home look wider, while vertical siding adds more height.

Color and texture. Choosing the right siding color is all about making your siding match the look of the rest of the home. You can go for panels that offer a smooth, minimalistic finish, or something textured for a more dynamic look.

Where to Start When Giving Your Home a Makeover2


Windows might be smaller than the other features of your  home’s exterior, but if you’ve got poorly maintained, outdated windows, they can certainly ruin the look of your home.

No more cracks. Naturally, one of the first things you’ll need to replace are cracked windows. Broken glass panels can no longer effectively keep the rain and cold out, which will give other people the impression of neglect.

Where to Start When Giving Your Home a Makeover3

Bigger windows. Modern architectural themes favor large windows over smaller windows with thick frames. This is why sliding doors and picture windows are more popular than ever. The larger windows let more sunlight in, and you can always deflect unwanted heat with low-E coating and multi-pane glass.


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