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8 Clever Ways To Spice Up Your Bathroom Decor With Artwork

When talking about home decor, not many people pay attention to bathroom decor. Reason? It is unknown. It might be because decorating your bathroom is not the first thought that comes to your mind. Besides, not many people have given this idea a try.

But, as Melissa de la Cruz has said, “There’s always a first time for everything.”

So this time, why don’t you try to infuse some artwork into your bathroom? Still a bit doubtful?

Understand that art isn’t created only for the bedroom or living room. If you decorate your bathroom, it’ll help transform the place, adding some aesthetics and beauty. Perhaps, you might spend a little extra time in the shower wondering about the meaning behind the painting. Or giving your chain of thoughts a whole new perception.

So, here are some clever ideas to elevate your bathroom decor using pieces of art.

Add Some Dark Colors To The Room

There is no doubt that dark colors, especially black, can instantly amplify the whole place. Paired with the proper lighting and beautiful decor, it helps highlight the best parts of the room. Plus, if you add some paintings or photo frames over a black background, they will look marvelous. You can also add small items such as a flower vase or mirrors to further enhance the aesthetics.

Alternative: You can use the same idea with white color as well. It will help in creating a positive and inviting aura. To elevate the decor, you can hang positive or fun bathroom quotes.

Just don’t go overboard on incorporating colour into your bathroom. Remember to maintain a balance. If the whole wall is black, try to use different shades of black. Also, add some vintage or white colors to the decor to bring out the best.

Create A Cozy Vibe With Soft Artwork

The second idea on the list is to use simple pieces of art to display. You can use old plates, framed pictures, or floral paintings to give a vibrant yet cozy vibe. However, to pull off this decor, it is better to go with a proper plan. You can select a theme and collect the items that go along with the theme.

For instance, you can go with a patterned theme. Here, you can systematically arrange circular decorative plates. You can also use the corner to hang your favorite artwork. Moreover, you can also hang small frames consisting of line art and abstract art.

The trick here is simple. Just play with your imagination and creativity. But create a basic draft so that the artwork is cohesive.

Go Minimal With A Focal Point

If you want to add artwork in your bathroom but are not a big fan of big changes, you can try a minimal concept. For this, you need to organize all your products properly. And keep as few items out as possible. After that, you need to decide on a place that you want to make a focal point. There you can add just one piece of art. That’s all!

However, remember that this one piece will be the highlight of your decor. So, you must put a lot of effort into selecting it. You can search for an online art gallery for some inspirational work. You can find a whole range of original art from new artists as well as established ones. Plus, you can also learn about the style and design to make the piece look extravagant.

Even so, the minimal work will also help accentuate your bare bathroom walls.

Try Monotonous Style

Monotonous style is great when you don’t have any specific decor theme in your mind. It adds a unique charm to the whole place. However, the color chosen for this theme has a significant impact on the overall look. In simple terms, this look goes best with neutral colors. Why? It is because neutral colors help in creating a vintage vibe to the place.

For instance, you can use beige color for the wall, add a butterfly painting, and use mirrors with rug borders. It will add a vintage touch to the decor. You can also use wooden furniture to complete the entire look. Not to forget, you can also use prints as an additional decoration.

Build A Creative Corner

Corners are often overlooked when decorating the whole place. However, a well-decorated corner instantly draws the attention of the visitors. It is especially a good idea if you don’t have enough space to add a decoration element. So, if you have a small bathroom but want to elevate its beauty, you should try to create a creative corner.

It is pretty easy. You need to get multiple photo frames or art pieces. The frames can be of different shapes or sizes. But you need to pay attention to their arrangement. It shouldn’t look like you have just added frames. Arrange them systematically so that the whole appearance looks aesthetically pleasing.

Tip: If you are confused about what frames to add, you can simply create a mix of landscape and portraits.

Create A Personal Bathroom Art Gallery

Lastly, you can create a whole art gallery in your bathroom. It is the easiest way to decorate the wall. Plus, it will definitely add a spark to the decor. To create the gallery, select your favorite pictures and arrange them in columns. It would be better if your chosen photos have their own space. That way it doesn’t look abrupt.

Caution: Do not hang any pictures near the shower. It is because the moisture can enter the glass frame and might destroy the picture or painting. Also, open the windows whenever possible to release the moisture.

Wrapping it up!

Improving your bathroom’s interior design using art will help elevate the overall decor and add a unique touch to your overall property. Moreover, if you are an art enthusiast but don’t have enough space in your other rooms or gallery, you can use your bathroom as an alternative as well.

Nonetheless, it will surely turn your bathroom into a place you’ll always look forward to spending time.

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