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Space-Saving Storage Ideas for Studio Apartments

A small home doesn’t need to be a disadvantage. This can be a way to lead an organized and tidy lifestyle even if you live in a rather limited living space. Sometimes, making more storage space in your home is all about creativity and smart organization – and this guide has got some great tips for you. Here are the best space-saving storage ideas for studio apartments, and how to make the most out of your living space.

Make sure unnecessary items don’t linger in your home

Decluttering is surely a great way to remove unnecessary items and make more space in your home. However, making it a regular thing is how you keep your home this way. Try to remove clutter as soon as you’re done with using it, so it doesn’t stay and eat up your space for long. Also, it’s good to make sure every item in your home has its own place. This way, you’ll make tidying up a lot easier, and keep your home organized and mess-free at all times.

Use multifunctional furniture

Innovations in furniture design can help a lot in making additional storage space in your studio apartment. There are plenty of multifunctional pieces that can hold some storage aside from their main purpose. You can choose a coffee table, an ottoman, an entry bench, and similar items that can hold a substantial amount of storage without eating extra space in your home. Think outside the box when you go shopping for furniture and pick practical pieces that will have more than one role in your new studio apartment.

Divide the space with additional storage

Having a large room may make you want a bit of privacy and some kind of divider to separate the space, and block noise and light. This can be for solely aesthetic purposes, but it can be practical as well. You can go for open shelving, a stylish wardrobe, or a bookcase. Such pieces will hold a lot of items but have a role in dividing the space and making a smaller bit of your home have its own identity. However, be sure to pick a piece that fits well into the overall vibe of the place so it divides the space in a rather seamless way.

A loft bed for additional storage in your bedroom

Beds are probably the biggest items in every home, and they do take away a lot of space. That’s why you need to be creative and find ways to turn them into storage. Space under the bed can be valuable storage space – use sliding boxes or drawers where you can keep seasonal clothes, shoes, bedding sets, and more. Just pull them under the bed and grab whatever you need. Also, a loft bed can be a great solution for a studio apartment. You can have a bed that will still take up horizontal space, but it will be tall enough so you can use the vertical space a lot wiser. You can use the space underneath the bed for a wardrobe, your home office – you name it. Get creative and put every inch of space to good use.

Turn a wall into a storage

Vertical space shouldn’t be underestimated in small apartments. A wall that has nothing on it can be turned into both decorative and practical storage. Install open shelves you can use to store home décor items such as picture frames, candles, and small plants. Also, use it to store books and but also many other knick-knacks – just put them in some aesthetic baskets or boxes that will fit the theme of your home. Shelves can be used in so many unexpected places in your home and can provide valuable storage capacity. Place one above the bathroom door to store toilet paper rolls, extra towels, cleaning supplies, and more. Also, if there’s some space between your wardrobe and your ceiling, install an additional shelf to hold items you don’t use regularly. However, this may be an issue if you’re living in a rental.

A huge number of NYC apartments are occupied by tenants, and some landlords don’t allow drilling and similar projects.  Luckily, there are no-drill shelves and similar smart solutions which can be pretty useful especially if you’re a renter. You can easily install them without making a mess, but also pack them if you decide to move out in a hurry. If you’re a tenant, be sure to pick renter-friendly furniture and other household items that will make it simple and easy to move in and move out whenever necessary.

Utilize doors for more storage

Another big surface in your home that’s often overlooked in terms of storage and multi-functionality. The space behind the doors can be very valuable as it can hold a storage rack you can use for so many different things. Hang bags, store shoes, and accessories – there are plenty of ways to use the back of your doors.

Rent a storage unit

NYC is known for studio apartments with rather limited storage capacity. Moving specialists at Teddy Moving and Storage recommend renting a storage unit that will keep your belongings safe and help you make more space in your home. This is one of the smartest space-saving storage ideas for studio apartments, especially for renters. You don’t need to give up on your belongings just because you’re moving into a small apartment, and still enjoy a rather comfortable living space. Use your unit for things you don’t need all the time, such as seasonal clothes, skiing or hobby equipment, or pieces of furniture waiting for a DIY makeover.

Always improve your living space

Our storage needs are constantly changing, which is why you shouldn’t forget about the storage potential of your home. These smart space-saving storage ideas for studio apartments can inspire you to make a change and use your space the best way possible – but never stop improving your home and thinking of ways to make it more comfortable.

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