4 Small Additions that Will Bring Your Kitchen to Life

Last Updated on January 4, 2023 by Kravelv

Designing a kitchen is anything but easy. It takes time and effort, along with some creative thinking and interior design knowledge. For those with little experience in that department, going to a professional interior designer is often the method of choice. However, that can quickly create a high price tag, leaving you out of pocket before the renovations have even ended.

kitchen with bar stools

Fortunately for those on a tight budget, there are some simple ways to spruce up a kitchen that won’t take too much time or cost too much money. Below are four of them. 

1. Splashes of Color

Painting is a lot easier than remodeling an entire kitchen. So, if you want a new kitchen look but don’t want to spend much money, consider painting a part of your kitchen. A fun, bold color will help uplift any space!

The color of your cabinets, in particular, can completely transform the way the kitchen looks. Change the cabinets from gray to dark blue, for example, and you’ll enjoy a bolder look that captures the eye. If you’re going to add a splash of paint to your cabinets, consider cabinet refinishing for a brand-new appearance. This process strips the cabinets, adding new layers of varnish and stain to bring them back to life without replacing them. They’ll look good as new!

2. Plants

Another small addition that works well in any kitchen are plants. They don’t cost much (although they require upkeep), and they instantly improve the appearance of the kitchen’s surroundings. You could hang them from the walls or even place one in the middle of your kitchen island. Plus, there are so many different plants to choose from! You might go large with a Fiddle-leaf Fig. Or, you might adorn your windowsill with a selection of succulents. Whatever works for your kitchen space and personal tastes.

3. An Extra Light Fixture

Is your kitchen too dim, or is the lighting a little lackluster? If so, an extra light fixture will make a world of difference. For example, you could add some wall scones for extra dimension. Or, you might prefer a more stand-out light fixture by investing in a chandelier or a huge floor lamp that brightens the space. As an alternative, consider task lighting to make cooking and cleaning easier. Spotlights from cabinets work well for an illuminated countertop space!

4. A Breakfast Bar

While a breakfast bar might not seem like a small addition, you can actually fit one in without spending too much money or taking too much time, especially if you are good at DIY! A simple table and bar stools in your kitchen are enough for a breakfast bar, and from there, you can decorate the space with some special breakfast bowls, a piece of art, and maybe some accent lighting.

You don’t have to blow your budget to improve the look of your kitchen – the above four tips tell you that much! Even a small addition, like a plant, can help create a kitchen you love.

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