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Smart Shade Structures for Your Deck or Patio

Nothing can make summer days more enjoyable than having a patio or a deck in your home. You spend warm days outside on your deck and invite friends and family to make it that much more enjoyable. But sometimes it gets too hot, and it can be unbearable to sit outside. If your deck or patio is uncovered and unprotected, you won’t be able to enjoy it throughout the whole day. This is where shading comes in. Selecting a shade structure for your deck or patio can make it usable for the whole day, not to mention how stylish it will look. Here are some shading solutions for you to take a look at.

Green option

Going green can help the environment and make your deck look amazing. Having large planters around your deck will provide shade, and make it a more relaxing area. The best choice for this are evergreens. They grow very tall, and besides looking great they also smell nice. Be careful not to overfill planters with soil, it might become too heavy and you won’t be able to move it around and redecorate eventually. Set evergreens around your deck to provide beautiful shade all year long.

You could get even bigger natural shade by planting trees around your patio. The best tree for this is maple, because it has closely packed leaves and it grows quickly. Other trees take up to 20-30 years to grow to their full extent. Trees can provide an even bigger shade then planters, but you might have to wait for them to grow.

Shade sails

If you need to keep your deck or patio cool during the warm summer days take a look at shade sails. They will lower the temperature and actually save you money since they don’t consume energy. They are very affordable, and are a completely environment friendly solution for warm summer days. They are durable and you can order custom made shade sails to fir your own deck. In a recent chat with trusted suppliers of shade sails from Sydney, it was brought to my attention that it is of utmost importance to protect ourselves from UV light and avoid skin damage.

Shade sails come in a variety of colors and styles. After you check out the options, select the ones that complement your deck or patio the best. They are much cheaper than pergolas, patio covers and gazebos. Shade sails are a permanent and cost effective solution for warm summer days.

Retractable awnings

If you like switching between sun and shade, retractable awnings are perfect for your needs. These shade providing structures have a metal structure with a fabric cover. It can be easily installed on the side of your house. Bigger models will require more support, this means additional support arms. You can open the awning using the manual lever or by a switch of a button.

Great thing about retractable awnings is that they provide instant cover as soon as you need one. And you can easily retract them when you don’t need them. You could even add side screens to block sun during sundown, allowing you to have a perfect outdoor nook. Remember that they commonly are wider than long, and this might not be enough for an entire deck. Also, this structure can be damaged by strong winds if you leave it open. The metal structure is pretty heavy so you might not be able to mount it by yourself. If you don’t want to be bothered by all this, simply hire a professional.

Make your summer more enjoyable by adding some shade to your deck or patio. Take a look at some solutions provided here, and make your choice according to your needs. Make sure to invite friends and family and make it that much more enjoyable.

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