Do’s and don’t of decorating your kid’s room

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Designing kids bedroom is a dream of every parent. To decorate a comfortable, functional, as well as a friendly bedroom for kids, can be one of the considerable challenges for the parents to tackle on its own.

There are several essential things to be kept in mind while decorating your kid’s room. However, one has to make the best arrangement for their kid’s room, keeping in mind certain ideas of decoration using colors, prints, themes, things like appropriate furniture, storage facilities like cabinets and shelves, wall paints, fantasy themes and several other patterns to deal with.

Therefore, working with full enthusiasm in all of the major areas of a room including floors, walls, lighting, furniture, accessories, plants, and textiles etc, will definitely  benefit you to have a successful experience when you decorate your kid’s room.

Let’s check out with the list of different do’s and don’t to be kept in mind while decorating your kid’s room that will keep your child happy

Do’s to remember

Here are some outstanding solutions to start while decorating your child’s room. But before that the most significant thing is to add your kid’s input, be aware of your child’s hobbies, his area of interest and much more, to give them a happy room.

decorating your kids room dos and donts


  • Make sure that the furniture you choose for your kid’s room should be lightweight, functional and have round edges too. This will help in keeping your child safe from any mishappening that could occur due to heavy items. Therefore a child-friendly furniture ensures 100% safety.
  • Choose anti-slip flooring or tiles in order to protect your child from any physical injury on slipping. One can make the best use of carpet floors to avoid such injuries in the kids room.
  • Opt for adjustable furniture like the chair that can be angled, mounted shelves, bed, study table that can be increased in both length and height.
  • Proper storage is another essential thing to be added in the kids room. Storing things that your kid doesn’t need access to should be kept on the higher shelves. Whereas on the other hand daily use items like safe toys, games are to be kept on the lower shelves so that your child reaches them easily.
  • Creating separate areas for siblings. Setting aside a portion of the room for your kids will enable them to play or study together. While the separate areas will give them their own space.
  • Do let your kid help you with some creative aspects of their room. You can help them in drawing a painting to decorate the room walls. This can be something they will be proud to show their companions and can also be kept as a crucial piece of memory. Hence, Designing and decorating with your child will not only form good memories but also it is one of the great ways to bond with your children and always make them feel special.

  • Keeping kids room free from germs and using proper sanitation facilities will help in preventing them from several diseases and foreign particles. Planning a proper disposal system for dirty diapers will help in keeping the room clean and tidy.


Don’ts to remember

Kid’s bedroom is always a battlefield. Therefore it is quite significant to check the following don’ts before decorating kids room.

decorating your kids room dos and donts1

  • Avoid using harsh lights in a kids room. Making the best use of dim lights and objects like night lamps can be the best way to maintain a constant eyesight if natural light is not sufficient.
  • Avoid investing in poor quality furniture as it outgrows after every 2-3 years. Therefore it makes absolute sense to invest in a quality furniture including your kid’s room furniture.
  • Don’t get concerned with hard floors, it is best to plan safe rubber flooring, soft hardwood tiles, or carpets in a kids playroom to prevent dangerous falls. Keep it safe because if kids are hyperactive, they can harm themselves.
  • Don’t keep sockets and switchboards open. Usually, kids have a bad habit of poking things every now and then. Therefore it is necessary to carefully plan all the cables, wires and electrical fitting around the room to avoid electricity dangers. However, to avoid this one can also use socket blanking plugs covers to prevent electric shock.
  • Avoid overspending. It is also important to keep in mind things like your budget, your child’s own tastes, the color theme, concept, and about long-term goals. Considering all these things, choose the interior and decor pieces wisely. Things like wall decors, painting, themes, paint etc can achieve the exact concept you desire just at a reasonable cost. Therefore without spending much for decorating a child’s room will enable you to overhaul it more often.


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