How To Set Up An Entertainment Room In A Small Space

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One great addition to any home is to have a media room or an entertainment area to accommodate friends, family, and guests. It enables everyone in the household to spend some time together while watching movies, playing games, or simply sharing some fun time indoors. Many families prefer to set up an indoor entertainment room for such reasons, especially with the ongoing pandemic.

small entertainment room

However, some small houses think twice about setting up a home theater, thinking that it may not be possible due to the limited space of their homes. The truth is even if you have limited space, you can still explore and discover a lot of media room design ideas that allow you to maximize any space you’ve got. The key is proper planning and investing in the right components, furniture, and design.

To get you started with your small-sized media room, here are some tips that can help you.

1. Maximize Your Furniture Uses 

Having a small space for your media room means you must focus on what furniture to get. As you place furniture, ensure that there will be enough room for you and your family to move or walk around. Depending on what kind of entertainment room you prefer, you need to get the right furniture set to serve their purpose. Whether you want a multipurpose entertainment room, or a game or TV room, you will need to buy entertainment units and add in furnishings intended for watching TV, gaming, and so on. 

Here are some tips to consider when selecting furniture for your media area:

  • Cabinet

Consider installing a built-in cabinet along a corner wall, which can be used to mount your TV at viewing height, provide storage space, and display décor accessories.

  • Seating 

Don’t let the limited space restrict your seating capacity. Even with small home theater seating, you can create a luxurious atmosphere. You can go for a leather sofa that accommodates four persons or a few individual small seats that are comfortable and movable.

  • Vertical Shelf 

Another alternative to the mounted cabinet is to use a vertical shelf. Display art on a higher shelf on a small wall and use the lower shelves for storage. Place the TV in the middle of this shelf, and you’ll maximize your wall space. Also, creating a vertical illusion makes the room space wider.

  • Foldable Furniture 

If you want to be ready when more guests and friends arrive, it’s wise and handy to keep some foldable furniture. There are foldable chairs and tables that you can keep to store and assemble only when needed.  

entertainment room in small space

2. Decide On Your Layout First 

One crucial tip for setting up a media room is to decide on the layout properly. The entertainment center should not be blocking air from windows, doors, or vents. Find the best corner in your living room area, and don’t be disheartened no matter how small the floor space is. You can make things work eventually. Design your layout by considering the seating area, the entertainment equipment, gadgets, and systems. Estimate each space needed for all these. 

3. Select The Right TV Screen Size 

Televisions come in a variety of sizes and types. While quality is a priority when choosing an HD TV, size should be included in your consideration list if you have limited space. Make sure to consider the size of your room when choosing your TV. You wouldn’t want your TV to take up all the space in your small entertainment room. A super large-sized TV may be awkward and uncomfortable for the viewers to watch from a distance. Not to mention, this is harmful to the eyes too. 

Similarly, buying a tiny TV might also be too hard for the viewers to watch, as they might have to move their seats to be nearer to the screen. Hence, ensure to match the screen size with the overall layout of your media room.

4. Choose The Right Décor 

There is not much space in these tiny rooms, so your choice of décor is critical. It is time for you to combine your creativity and practicality. The smallest nook can be transformed into a cozy room that serves you well with contemporary wall-mounted sets and sleek entertainment units. 

Choose luxurious-looking upholstery and pillow covers to finish off the legit vibe of your home theater. You can add bean bags for additional seating that act as decorative elements. 

5. Choose Appropriate Lighting 

Lighting is a crucial component of any entertainment room, and sometimes it can be challenging to get the right amount of light in a small space. While natural light is best, you can always go for alternative light offered by many various lighting fixtures in the market today. TV rooms can have a more luxurious feel with a darker, moodier ambiance. 

You can design the space in a darker color and install lighting that can be dimmable anytime. On the contrary, if your entertainment center is not for watching TV alone, it’s best to incorporate brighter lighting fixtures. Make the look brighter and more cheerful. The key is to select the most appropriate lighting for the entertainment center’s purpose. 

6. Handle The Wires And Cables Well 

You need to keep the wires neatly arranged to avoid causing harm to anyone or adding clutter to the room. A sound wiring system can also help you avoid accidents. Apply some cable management secrets. When the wires and cables are hidden well or set up, you won’t have to worry about disruptions with your gadgets and tech tools constantly. The last thing you want is to ruin your fun because some of the wirings are faulty or improperly positioned. 

7. Create Enough Storage 

People tend to be unorganized when having fun, so there will be a lot of clutter in the entertainment area. It is almost a natural scenario. However, you can always be more organized when you prepare enough storage. 

Organize your entertainment stuff by using storage solutions. You can add some shelves, extra drawers, and modular tables and chairs that come with hidden storage spaces. Your media room can be viewed orderly, neat, and clean by keeping clutters hidden.


After considering the tips above, you can finally start setting up your dream media room in your home. Remember that you can always maximize your available resources and have excellent outcomes despite limited space. It’s all a matter of having a practical layout, finding the right furniture, and coming up with a suitable design to add flair to your small entertainment space.

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