Rosewill RHAF 15002 Multifunctional Electric Air Fryer Review

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Rosewill has been a popular brand for quite some time in the world of air fryers. The basic brand image of this company is simple. They believe in creating products that are low end and target the mass consumer base. Rosewill RHAF 15002 is another version of that concept which will help you in making sure that you get a good product at an even better price. The RHAF 15002 is one of the latest creations of the brand Rosewill.

Being able to buy the latest version of a product from a company like Rosewill has its advantages. As the product is one of the last ones that the company created in last year, the product has overcome all the issues that were complained by consumers of previous air fryers from Rosewill. Overall, this is a standard product but let’s not stop here. We will do a complete review on Rosewill RHAF 15002 today in this article which will help you to take a decision.

Different Versions & Colors

Not a lot of air fryers out there offer you different versions and different colors of the same model. The Rosewill RHAF 15002 is different as it is offering both feature variations and color variations in this product. There are three different versions that you can choose from and these are differentiated based on the size. One can hold up to 2.4 quart where there is another one that can go up to 3.3 quarts. Apart from the size based differentiation, the product also has two different colors for you to choose from. The colors are gray and white. You can pick the one that you think will go with your kitchen the most.


Timing Suggestions

Well, if you are a professional cook, this might seem a little obvious or weird to you. Yeah, you know about the time delays that you should wait before or in between the dish cooking sessions but there are a lot of people who don’t. These people want to depend on an automated system which will tell them how long to wait. For example, a student using this machine may not know how long he or she should wait before the fries are fried properly. What should the task be now? Well, the automated timers help in these scenarios. There are different settings with pre-set timers that tell you how long the cooking session should take.



The machine is very powerful which is both positive and negative if you think about it. Obviously, it is a positive side as the power will help you to cook faster and a lot quicker which eventually means that you will be able to save time. Now, on the other hand, as this is a powerful model, it will take up a lot of energy, and that will have an impact on your electricity bill which is negative. Now, you have to compare the time delays, and you will have to decide whether you should save time or money of the electricity bill. Time is money by the way. It will be a classic dilemma.

Easy to Clean

We cannot tell you enough about the importance of having an air fryer which is easily cleanable. This never seems like something that you should be worried about but we have seen people who leave using air fryers as they do not want to clean the fryers spending time. Yes, this might sound weird to you right now because we are guessing that you do not own an air fryer now! Cleaning oil and those spots from air fryer can be one of the worst experiences of your life. That is why air fryers like this one that get cleaned easily are great to have.

Great for Quick Snack

If you are like most of those people who buy air fryers just to have quick snacks with a lower percentage of calories then this is the perfect product for your needs. The product makes sure that you get quick results and obviously, as you do not have to use that much oil in this one, you get the healthiest dishes possible.


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Negative Sides

There is a very important negative side of this product which you must know about. A lot of people have complained about this part and you should understand this section properly before moving ahead.

  • The cooker smells like burnt plastic when you are cooking (it gets cleaned automatically within a few minutes and the foods inside do not get hampered)

Final Verdict

Overall, if you can ignore the fact that the air fryer might smell initially while you are cooking, this is not a bad option for you to go for. The price is good and the combination of price and product is even better if we think about the features. Overall, this is definitely something that you should think about.


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