5 Reasons Blinds Are Better Alternative To Curtains

Last Updated on August 5, 2022 by Kravelv

Alfresco relaxation areas are becoming popular. These new trends are now essential design features of buildings. Whether new homes, commercial buildings, or renovations, bring the “indoors outside” with a lustrous finishing venetian blind. Wondering why? Although the curtains are less expensive, you will miss out on the advantages of window blinds if you stick to your nana’s traditional curtain.

natural light getting into window blinds
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We will look closely at why window blinds are better alternatives to curtains. And discuss the top reasons you should choose outdoor blinds.

These factors should aid your decision-making:

  • Safety Aspect: While curtains add a touch of softness to the homely environment, it’s easily absorbed heat during summer. But outdoor blinds keep the room cooler all seasons. They can be dangerous if placed near grills, ovens, or stoves because they are prone to ablaze if exposed to a heat source.
  • Easy Clean and Durability: Outdoor blind requires little maintenance. Since the accessory is outside, blinds accumulate dust, especially on light-colored window blinds. In contrast, curtains need a thorough washing, which can lead to weariness. Cleaning your outdoor blinds is relatively easy; dust your outdoor blind with a soft brush or feathers duster to clean them.

But if blinds need a deeper clean, a soft cloth and warm soapy water can do the trick. For durability, stick to external Venetian blinds. Now, these are reasons you should purchase them.

5 Reasons Blinds Are Alternative

1.     Protection Against Extreme weather

High-quality products like external Venetian blinds can protect you, your guest, and your furniture from extreme weather like wind, sunlight, heat, rain, and wind. Quality window blinds are an excellent way to enjoy your patio or veranda while reducing glare from sunlight.

2.     Energy Efficiency

Before the cooler months arrive, enjoy the warmth in your home with external blinds that can protect you from the bashing sun. Outdoor blinds can help you cut down energy bills, which would perpetually reduce your energy consumption by up to 50%.

3.     Variety Of Colours

There’s always a blind that suits your patio, veranda, or balcony, and we provide colors that fit the exterior of your building. To make your space more appealing, choose a color that interacts with “mother nature.” White is cool, but black and other colors can block out light from the outside.

4.     Increase Your Privacy

Here’s the exciting part, asides from its versatile color. You can use them to increase the privacy of your outdoor space as needed. You can relax and feel safe in your private retreat without worrying about nosy neighbors.

5.     Adds Style To Your Home

Our custom-made external blinds add elegance to your space and posh style to your patio, making it beautiful. External Venetian blinds are easy to use with their manual or motorized operation through remote control. There are many different colors and styles of external blinds.

Breathe new life into your home if you are building or renovating. An excellent way to keep dust, rain, wind, and sunlight at bay is with your external Venetian blind. You will delightfully enjoy external blinds that make a perfect alternative to curtains as you sip your wine in the harsh weather. The blinds with arrays of colors can protect you from a nosy neighbor.

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