10 Clever Ways To Keep Your Carpets Out Of Dust and Dirt

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Many people fail to realize how much work is involved in keeping carpets clean. It is much easier to keep a wooden floor clean and attractive, although a well-maintained carpet generally looks much better. That being said, keeping your carpet in a sparkling condition is not impossible. You can make it much easier by following these 10 clever tips:

1. Clean your furry friends

Cats and dogs are particularly responsible for a lot of the dust in your home. That does not mean you should get rid of them. All you need to do is groom them at least twice a week to get rid of the pet dander. Using pet shampoo is also a good cleaning tip.

Another clever tip would be to look for smaller pets as these shed much less skin. If possible, you should look for the pet breeds that are known to shed very little of their fur. This will mean there is less pet dander floating around your house, and sitting on your carpet.

2. Restrict your pets to rooms without carpets

If possible, you should not let your pets hang around rooms with carpets or even couches. The pet houses should be set outside to reduce the amount of dust released to your carpet. If your cat likes to perch on your couch, you can consider building an artificial cat tree for it. Also, you could make the couch and carpet uncomfortable for your cat by using repellents such as aluminum foil. Cats hate the sound made when aluminum foil is scratched, and will eventually get to associate the carpet with discomfort. The result is a reduction in the amount of cat dander in your carpet.

3. Get a door mat and a shoe rack

Having your guests wipe their shoes will greatly reduce the amount of dust in your carpet. You can also get a shoe rack and place it just next to the door. If possible, you should get a rug for every room in your house.

4. Choose the best vacuum cleaner for your situation

Different types of vacuum cleaners work differently in different situations. For example, if you have a large house or a wall-to-wall carpet, then you would be better off shopping for the best upright vacuum 2017. Upright vacuums are also great if you keep pets around the house. Canister vacuum cleaners are not a good choice if you have a carpet or even rags in your house. They are also more expensive.

5. Vacuum regularly

Owning the best upright vacuum cleaner is not enough- you need to use it regularly. For a frequently used room such as your living room, it is advisable to vacuum even five times a week. For the less frequently used room, cleaning twice a week will be enough.

No matter how much you try to reduce the amount of dust in your carpet, it can never be completely dustless. The best you can do is to make sure the dust never builds up. Following these cleaning tips should help you achieve close to a dust-free carpet.

If necessary, you can also consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.

6. Move furniture and other objects around when you clean

Many people get too lazy to move chairs, tables, and shelves around when cleaning their carpets. This makes the house generally dusty since the dust just sits there for months on end. This also applies to books and other objects which might end up settling on the floor, and never get picked up.

7. Choose carpets with longer strands

Especially if you have allergies, having shag carpets can be dangerous. This is because the shorter strands fail to trap dust effectively, and this means there will be more dust released to the air. Another great tip would be to go for carpets made of inorganic materials such as nylon and polyester. These do not allow pollen and other organic allergens to thrive in your carpet.

8. Open your windows

Unless you live in a dusty place, keeping your windows open for most of the day can help release dust back to the outside. Whenever you take a step on your carpet, some dust is raised, and this can then be carried out by the wind. Since there is more activity in your home during the day, you could help your situation by allowing some of the raised dust to go away through the window.

9. Use an air purifier

Another great way to keep your carpets free of dust and dirt is to get an air purifier. This will help capture dust in your home atmosphere. Your choice of air purifier is equally important. The most effective air purifiers are HEPA filters. These are specially made to filter off 99 percent of the dust in your home atmosphere, meaning there will be less dust to be trapped in your carpet fabrics.

You also need to choose an air purifier that suits the size of your room. It is also important to replace your filters whenever they get too dirty as this will minimize their efficiency.

10. Clean your couch and curtains too

Keeping your carpet free of dust also means that you need to keep your house in a generally clean condition. You can do this by starting with your couches, pillow cases and curtains as these typically carry a lot of dust. The result of this is that there will be less dust floating in your house, and thus less dust to get trapped in your carpet.


Maintaining a clean carpet is important. It makes it serve its purpose of keeping your house attractive, and is also healthier for all occupants of your house. Keeping carpets clean is not as easy as many people tend to imagine. You need to take an active role in cleaning your carpet and reducing the amount of dust getting into your house. Using books and websites, you can learn many cleaning tips that will make your work easier. Alternatively, you can enlist the services of a professional cleaning service and reduce your work to almost nil.


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