How To Clean Air Vents in Your House?

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The air flow in the house keeps the interior environment of house calm and fresh. The good flow of air depends on the clean ducts that maintain the flow. Dirt particles and spider webs makes the ducts dirty and ineffective to provide service. It is the reason; cleaning ducts is necessary not only for saving extra spending on buying new vents bit also to maintain the balance of air in house. All who do not know the methods of cleaning the ducts can follow the below mentioned steps and buy the necessary materials.

Necessary Equipment:

You need to buy a heavy duty vacuum, a good screwdriver, a good length of broom, a cleaning brush of good size. It is important to use the equipment of good quality that can remove the dust particles accumulated on the vents from months. The bristles of brush should be strong enough to remove all the stains from the ducts and give it a new look.

Steps of Cleaning Ducts:

There are certain steps that you need to follow for cleaning the ducts. You must take each step with a sequence and prepare yourself beforehand to get the good results in the end.

  1. First you need to turn off the electric power that is connected with the air conditioning system of your house. It will create a secure environment to take the next steps.
  2. Now you have to unscrew the air vents or grills from the place on the wall. Take the brush and start cleaning the grates in a proper way. You can use a good detergent appropriate for the material of the vents. Clean it thoroughly and wash it with cloth dipped in water. Make sure not reach the area of wires. There could be chances that the cleansing process takes more time because of the thick layers of dirt. Use any other tool for removing the dirt if the brush is not giving you good results, but do not scratch that the surface would damage.
  3. Now vacuum the ducts by taking a heavy duty vacuum on rent. Your household vacuum does not hold the power for deep cleansing of the ducts and it is the reason you must rent a standard one. Take one with long hose for reading deep in the ducts. There can be mildew on the ducts so make sure removing the entire mold that you can see in the present in the ducts in minor or major quantity.
  4. Start cleaning the grills attached with your house’s ceiling by using broom for attacking the dust. Do not use the vacuum and screwdriver if they cannot reach the place. Make sure to cover your face, eyes with goggles, and wear clothes that can protect you from the dust or the webs of spider falling down when you are cleaning. You can wear a mask for protecting your mouth from the dust.

If you are allergic of dust and cleaning the house then you can hire a professional air conditioner contractor giving the same services. Prepare yourself for such projects by saving enough money for maintaining the vents in a good condition. There are many service providers in the market who are providing Air Duct Cleaning Services to people by charging nominal fee. You can analyze which of the professional gives the quality service with giving additional tips for long-term maintenance of the vents. You can choose the different service plans that the companies are offering by contacting their administration department. Keep your house clean and fresh by getting the service in every season.

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  1. I have heard that this will do a great job on the vents, then afterwards run the dishwasher again with the hot water setting, soap, and vinegar and it will leave it clean and sparkly again and safe for your dishes to be washed in there.

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