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The Differences Between A Professional Clean and A Regular Clean

Whether you want to give your home a new clean and feel or are moving out from your rented home, a professional clean is a good investment You must be asking yourself what the differences between a professional clean and a regular clean are.

Well, at least to some extent.

Whilst both cleaning approaches bear the goal of providing a spotless home or workspace, professional cleaning approaches the task with more precision. Still have your reservations? Check out our detailed overview of the differences between a professional clean and a regular clean below.

The Big Difference – Deep Cleaning Vs Regular Cleaning

The main difference between a professional cleaning job and regular cleaning is that it is normally done at a higher standard. This ensures every little bit of your living space or workspace is covered.  During a regular cleaning, your product choice is normally not as extensive and you can opt for an all-purpose cleaner to address different parts of your home.

However, a professional cleaning job normally requires specialized products and equipment for each particular spot.  For example, you need at least a glass cleaner for your mirrors and a floor cleaner for your floor and bathroom tiles. For professional cleaners, they normally bring these products with them, thus, eliminating the need to spend so much on products.

What Do Most Standard Professional Cleaning Jobs Cover

It’s not easy to pinpoint in detail everything that a professional clean covers. However, it is easy to map out the basics. When the thought of professional cleaning jumps into your head, picture every part of your home being scrubbed or wiped down with dire articulation.

For example, when you imagine professionally cleaning your kitchen, you should also picture items such as your extractor fan grills being dusted and the inside of your oven being thoroughly scrubbed.

Some of the common tasks  that come with professional cleaning include;

Regular cleaning on the other end boasts fewer tasks. The main point of regular cleaning is to regulate a good level of cleanliness in your home or workspace. Some of the essential tasks that regular cleaning covers include;

Step By Step Professional Cleaning

To thoroughly clean your home or workspace, you must think of all elements of the surroundings to ensure each part is thoroughly cleaned. Many elements can be easily bypassed.

Wall Fixtures And Cabinets

Whilst items such as cabinet handles and switches are regularly used, it is easy to skip these items during your regular cleaning. Remember, these are items you regularly touch, so it comes with no surprise that they may be swarmed with germs.

During a professional cleaning, these are items that are very much paid attention to. A professional cleaning job ensures that cabinet handles, light and fan/ac switches, and cabinet surfaces are properly disinfected and polished with spray and then thoroughly wiped.

The Floors

Regular cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not sweep, mop, and vacuum your floors. However, over time this is normally not enough. Your floors probably have built up dirt and may even be discolored at times.

This is where professional cleaning jumps in to save the day.  Professional cleaners normally use steam cleaners and carpet cleaners to help remove even the toughest stains and to return the floors to their original state. Plus, after this deep clean you will also enjoy a cleaner, fresher, and lighter flooring and atmosphere.

Should I Hire Professional Cleaners?

Yes, it a good idea to hire professional cleaners. Because this is their job, there can spare more time to ensure all areas of your home or workspace are thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, professional cleaners also hold sufficient knowledge and experience to give them the skills for proper professional cleaning.

Yet, if you are budget strapped or simply want to clean your house by yourself, it doesn’t mean you can’t.  You can always do so. Before you begin your cleaning;

However, before you embark on this adventure, you must also be sure that you can really invest your time and resources. This ensures that the process will be thorough.  Nevertheless, your expenditure may go up at times, depending on the size of your home, and especially for product purchases and leasing.

Why You Should Professionally Clean Your Home

Professionally cleaning your home doesn’t necessarily mean that it will bypass the purpose of regular cleaning or even overshadow its importance. Professionally cleaning simply makes your living environment more comfortable and conducive.

It’s just like when you eat normal grocery store chocolate and then, one day you eat expensive Swiss chocolate. Both are exquisitely flavored and exciting to eat, however, the Swiss chocolate texture melts better on your mouth, its subtle smell affects your nasal passages more distinctly and even their package is more luxurious.

So if you can afford it, you should get your home its Swiss chocolate every now and then. In your home, a professional cleaning job leaves everything as clean as new, so even when you go back to regular cleaning, the process is easier.

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