How Recycling Furniture Makes a Difference?

Last Updated on April 20, 2022 by Kravelv

People are today generally much more concerned with the environment, their impact, and what they can do personally to help the planet we all share.

This is why recycling has become so popular. Almost anything can be recycled today, even furniture. But, you may wonder, how does recycling a piece of furniture make any difference?

old chair

Decreases Demand

The demand for furniture and other items is constant. This is partly thanks to a society that wants the very latest designs and gadgets, even though they are changing almost every week.

In short, this demand for goods means the items have to be produced. Even if you adopt sustainable practices, the original item is probably created from new raw materials, depleting the natural resources on the planet.

However, by adopting a more environmentally friendly approach you don’t need to produce new materials all the time. For instance, a skilled furniture repair firm can restore any item of furniture, making it appear like new again. They can even alter it to match your needs.

Because the furniture is being recycled there is less demand for new items to be made, decreased demand equates to the diminished use of natural resources which is beneficial for the environment.

Reduces Landfill

It’s worth noting that there are times when you have to let go of a piece of furniture, it is simply beyond repair. However, if you’ve chosen the piece wisely in the first place you’ll have an item that is made from recycled materials and can be separated into those materials and used again. That’s the ultimate sustainability while protecting the environment.


It’s important not to forget that people often become sentimentally attached to items. A special item that has been handed down through generations can be repaired in order to maintain it’s integrity and sentimental value. It doesn’t need to have financial value for this process to make a difference in the life of anyone.

Helping Others

Of course, recycling furniture doesn’t just mean fixing it up and reusing it yourself. It can also be passed onto others, helping them to have furniture that they might otherwise be able to afford.

Recycling doesn’t mean you have to sell the furniture, simply passing it to someone in need ensures they are not spending money on plastic products that will end up as landfill. At the same time, you can make a conscious decision regarding which furniture you wish to purchase based on the manufacturing process.

Using sustainable resources or reclaimed timber will help to ensure you have beautiful new furniture without negatively impacting the environment. That’s a pretty good way of doing your bit for the planet.

Encourages More

Finally, the more people that start recycling furniture or purchasing items that have been made from recycled materials, the higher the demand will be. Over time more and more manufacturers will switch to recycles products. This can have a significant effect on the environment, and it all starts with you making the right decision when purchasing new furniture while recycling your old.