Why you should have plumbing inspection before you move in a rented home

Last Updated on March 22, 2022 by Kravelv

Planning to opt for rented property? You should be aware that before a landlord hands over a house to a tenant, all essential repair work needs to be looked into. Not attending to the repairs can cause problems for the landlords. However sure you might be of the property, but, before moving in, it is necessary to check out. This includes the plumbing system besides the other systems. Plumbing is one problem which, if not repaired in a timely manner, will become a messy affair. You not only have spend quite a lot on the repairs or replacement, but you also have to clean up the mess created.

Making sure to get this property inspected for plumbing leaves you comfortable in the long run.

  1. Avoid Leakage:

Ensure that there is no dampness on any of the walls in the house before you think of moving in. The damp walls are an indication of some sort of leakage. This might be due to crack in the concealed pipe fitting or even your neighbor’s home. A professional plumber can detect the exact source of this. You can then carry on either fixing it on your own or asking your landlord to do so. This should be done before you sign the contract.

  1. Proper Pressure:

Get the water pressure checked in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. The house might have the latest faucets, taps and other plumbing fixtures but with improper pressure all this is useless. Ensure the chosen plumber checks all the taps and showers.

  1. Drains, Toilets and Smells:

Your plumber can also check out there is no clogging in any of the drains. This is unhealthy for the occupants. Flushing and making sure this works well is another ‘essential’. The mechanism needs to be smooth operating without any hitches. Ensure the plumber checks out all the levers and buttons.

  1. Heaters and Boilers:

Check out the type of boiler installed in the house. You have boilers which are hung on the wall, the condensing boiler and also the back boiler. If not good enough for you, you can get this changed by a plumber and charge it to the landlord. The contract signed should include this clause. Ensure that this is also checked for insulation. Check how old the boiler is, so that you are ready for the maintenance whenever required.

Some Benefits of Checking the Plumbing:

There are multiple advantages of getting the plumbing checked before you move in a rented home. Some of these include

  • As the heaters are checked, you are ensured of safety. There are no leakages which might emit harmful gases. To avoid scalding the water heating is set to the appropriate temperature.
  • Future problems are kept at bay with this inspection of the plumbing system.
  • If you can get the plumbing checked before you sign the contract, the expenses will be borne by the landlord.

Choosing an Apt Plumber:

Before you choose a plumber, ensure they are certified for the inspection and are also licensed. Insurance is another ‘must’ to be taken into consideration. After the inspection is carried out, you should get some sort of warranty in case of repairs and labor. Compare the prices of different plumbing companies before you opt for one. You have multiple plumbers offering their services for plumbing inspections, but finding the right one requires some time and effort. Experience and quality of plumber are two factors which must be your priority before you make a choice.

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