5 Living room trends to watch out for 2017

Last Updated on March 22, 2022 by Kravelv

Every day, in the morning, when you step out, it is your house that you long to come back to! Our house is where our soul is. And in this very house, we invite our friends, family and relatives to come over maybe for a social gathering or it could just be a quick cup of tea. Nevertheless, our houses offer an insight into our lives especially the living room as most of these people we invite, they are close, but they wouldn’t want to invade on our privacy and hence stick to the living rooms. Open spaces were in trend but now, it is time for a change as people have realized that open spaces have their own limitations like the cooking smell spreading in all the corners of the house or the constant need for privacy. While we cannot keep on buying houses every couple of years, we definitely can refurnish our homes as per the new trends. Let’s have a look at the few trends that will be in for 2017:

  1. Smart homes

Smart home doesn’t necessarily mean integrating electronic technology at our places, but what it does mean is that using technology to make our small spaces appear bigger, provide sleek and compact furnishings and give us maximum utilization of the existing space. Smart homes generally use sliding bookcases, bed with twists i.e. a convertible bed, slide away beds and beds for the loft, expanding and fold up dining tables, pull out work surfaces and built in secretaries. These new furnishing shall provide you with the needed décor but at the same time, won’t eat up your entire space. The furniture from Dreams is not only trendy but also pocket-friendly as it comes with heavy discounts.

  1. Color

The year 2016 saw more of Scandinavian themed homes. So as we enter 2017, we refresh ourselves with everything that is not white, dark or grey. This year is seeing more of the natural color of this planet and guess what that is? Green obviously! With the vast variety of shades, green can be used anywhere and it will just fit right. If you are not too keen on using green, you could try emerald shaded mirrors or windows as they look quite classy. Muted colors like white and beige will be in trend too. So choose your pick as one of the cheapest way to give a new look to the house is by re-coloring it.

  1. Lights

Although it is not necessary to incorporate electronic technology, this is one area where we will see a lot of designs come through. With the evolution of various types of lights and lighting equipments, we can expect to see a lot of changes in the way houses are lighted. Instead of having fixed fixtures for lighting, we can have lighting as per our sculpture and furniture. Suspenders are an interesting way of lighting as it gives the feel of a modern day chandelier and are very classy.

  1. Materials

Like I said before, this year is the year to return to nature. One of the trends that is forecasted is that people will want to keep it as natural as they can. And what better way to upgrade than to start with material. This year will see a lot of marble, timber and leather. Raw materials can add warmth to the house if chosen correctly. People will probably look for materials that will mimic nature as closely as possible. Sheepskin rugs and other natural made stuff will also be popular.

  1. Mixed Pattern:

New York fashion Week of Fall 2016 boasted off of mixed patterns and abstract designs. This trend will see its way into homes of people in 2017 as abstracts are soothing and create a style of its own. You don’t need to worry whether others will agree with your taste or not because abstract is always read by everyone in a different way. But then most of the things are always read by people in different ways, aren’t they?

Yes, home décor is important and should be done very carefully. Because, home is a place where you will spend most of your time apart from your office. You definitely do not have any control over your office space, but you do have over your home space. It should feel warm and comfortable. When updating your living space as per the trends, always remember to have a neutral base. This way, when new color comes in trends or new furnishing pops up, it becomes easy to remodel without spending a fortune. You can also trade your old furnishings or give it to someone who needs it instead of throwing it all away. This way it will get used up and there will be less wastage. With fashion, we also have to look at sustainability!

Kravelv is a full time digital marketer and part time furniture and cabinet maker. During his free time he would like to create something out of recycled woods, this varies from toys, furnitures plant boxes etc. Follow him on Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook