How Can a Plumber Help You when Buying an Old Home in Rockville

Last Updated on March 15, 2022 by Kravelv

Rockville is among the oldest cities of Maryland, with origins going back to Colonial times. The city grew rapidly and transformed from an agriculturally-oriented area to a developed cosmopolitan.

plumber inspecting pipes

You can still find several old homes in Rockville. The beautiful architecture and natural stone sidings or natural wood floors make these homes more attractive. However, before you buy the property, ensure to schedule a plumbing inspection.

Reliable plumbers Rockville MD, can inform you if the house is practical to live in and check if it needs any plumbing changes. They help you in several ways when buying an old home in the area. Here, they are:

Checks for Copper Pipes

Many old homes built before 1930 in Rockville may have copper pipes with lead solders. It can be toxic and may lead to brain and kidney damage. Young children are more prone to this risk. 

A plumber checks your property for copper pipes and lead solders. They replace the pipes with safer and more efficient options. In this way, you can protect your family from consuming or using toxic water.

Spots Leaking Lines

Residents of Rockville receive water that goes through a six-step treatment process to meet the Safe Drinking Water Act standards. However, the quality of your pipes also plays an essential role in providing safe water. If the pipes at the old home are rusty, it contaminates the water and weakens the pipe structure. A leak develops soon after this.

Plumbers inspect the old house thoroughly and spot any leaking pipelines. They also check the sewer lines that may be difficult to access and repair in older homes. If the pipes erode, professionals replace them to avoid further leakages and water damage.

Replaces Outdated Water Heater

Water heaters do not last for several decades. Generally, the lifespan of the appliance is around 8 – 12 years. Your plumber checks the unit installed in an old home and replaces it if necessary. Make sure not to delay replacing the water heater as it only adds up to your expenses.

Old water heaters require frequent repairs and they are not even energy-efficient. You may receive higher energy bills. Excessive wear and tear may be dangerous as it could lead to a water heater explosion.

A plumber ensures that you avoid such situations by installing a new unit. Rockville plumbers have the right licenses to undertake repairs and installations in the area.

Fixes Faulty Plumbing DIYs Of Previous Owners

In most instances, the previous owners experiment with DIY methods to fix any plumbing issues. Although you may inquire about it while purchasing the property, they may not always be honest. It can lead to problems soon if the methods are faulty.

Your plumber inspects the entire plumbing system in the old house and spots any unusual details. They fix it to prevent any issues that cause inconvenience or damages to you.

Old homes in Rockville are aesthetic. However, make sure that the plumbing installations are compatible with modern standards. Efficient plumbers in Rockville, MD, help you fix any plumbing issues before they lead to significant problems.