Are You Really Saving Much With DIY Window Replacement?

Last Updated on February 25, 2022 by Kravelv

Is it better to work on your window replacement yourself, or should you just hire a professional? You’ve probably heard this question a few times before, and perhaps you’ve also seen people arguing over this very question online. Pro-DIY homeowners will say that by avoiding the professional fee, you already stand to save a bundle. However, there are also many valid reasons to believe that going pro is the better way to go. Here are three points that DIY proponents say should help you save, yet experience proves that it isn’t always so.

Reason 1 – You don’t have to pay for inspection fees

Why would you want to pay someone just to take a look at your old windows? It’s not like you can’t tell when there’s something obviously wrong with it.

Except you can’t, most of the time.

Most homeowners tend to see window problems only when the damage is severe. But serious problems are often overlooked, too: In fact, what most people think is just a small rust spot, for instance, may have already penetrated the deeper parts of the frame, severely weakening it. Furthermore, professionals are better at suggesting the right replacement based on the existing frame size and the home’s window needs. You’re basically sparing yourself the risk of buying a window that might not even fit (or be what you need) at all.

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Also, many window companies offer free window inspections these days, so paying for an inspection’s not even an issue anymore.

Reason 2 – Installation is easy anyway (isn’t it?)

A lot of new homeowners make the mistake of thinking that window replacement is as easy as knocking the old window off its frame and putting in a new one. What they fail to realize is that window replacement takes lots of planning and precise calculation to make sure the window is installed properly.

For homeowners without the experience and skill to install a window, this could mean hours of making readjustments to make the window fit. Even then, you could be doing things all wrong. Avoid all the hassle simply by getting a professional to work on it.

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Reason 3 – Tools are cheaper than services

Another big reason to believe that DIY window replacement lets you save more is the fact that you can buy the required tools from any hardware store. Unfortunately, doing so usually ends up costing more.

While buying tools may seem cheaper, most homeowners soon realize that they lack the technical know-how to actually use the tools properly. Also, a trained professional will almost certainly complete the same task with greater speed and efficiency.

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It’s basically like spending some money for mediocre results, compared to spending a bit more money for excellent results. Which would you really prefer?

There are plenty of other reasons why DIY isn’t as easy on the budget as most people think, but these three are the biggest factors that trick people into trying to work on their window replacements by themselves. Don’t be one of those people; be smart and hire a window professional from the onset.


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