How to Paint a Corrugated Metal Roofing

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While considering the metal roofing, the trend of corrugated roofing is very common these days and a lot of people are going for these roofs. The best application is to get the corrugated metal roofing and paint it. Although it is a very hard job to paint and install the corrugated metal roofing, yet it is much better and a lot of people nowadays go for this option. Usually this kind of roofing is adopted for the buildings like outhouses and garages. There is a typical life span of this roofing kind which is about 20 to 100 years. If proper care is taken and the roof is maintained on regular basis then it can help you for a longer time span.

In order to let the roof live for a long time, it is advised to paint the roof so that the metal may not be corroded over time or due to exposure to rain water or any other environmental factors. It is not an easy task to paint the roof. As far as the painting is concerned, a proper technique is required and if paint is applied according to a proper technique, your roof can live up to 10 years without requiring any maintenance or any special care. There are certain guides given in steps and if these are followed properly, then your roof will be painted in the best way giving your roof a longer life as well.

Step 1: Cleaning of the roof

The first step before you start painting the roof is that you have to clean it thoroughly. Obviously it is not recommended to paint on a dirty roof. It is very important to first clean up all the debris on the dirty roof and clear the dirt because the paint will not set properly on a roof filled with dirt. In this regard, periodic cleaning is usually recommended and if the roof is in worse condition, then you can also apply the power washer or bleach.

Step 2: Purchasing the primer according to the roof age and paint color

Basically the primer will act as the base upon which the paint is applied. The primer serves the function for setting of the paint and helps in preparation of the surface of roof for paint application. Usually it is recommended to apply the galvanized primer before application of the paint. The galvanized primers are solvent based and there are some acrylic based varieties of the primers also available in market.

Step 3: Application of the primer on roof

After selecting the proper and suitable kind of primer for the base of your roof, the next step is to apply the primer on the roof. There is no hard and fast rule for primer application but it is also not a simple and layman job. Therefore properly trained professionals should be hired for this purpose. Application of primer should be attended properly because the ay your primer is applied dictates the setting and application of the paint on roof and hence the final shape is determined.

Step 4: Purchasing the proper kind of paint for the roof

Just like the primer selection and purchasing one should be very critical in selection of the brand and kind of paint for the roof as well as for the application of paint on the roof. This will make the top coat of your roof. Depending on the weather conditions of your area the selection of paint should be done accordingly.

Step 5: Application of the paint on roof

After selecting the paint for your roof and after application of the primer, you have to apply the paint on roof after reading and following the instructions written on the packing of the paint box.

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