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Paint Colours and Design Trends to Watch for Winter

Now that we’re into the winter months, you may feel that your home needs some touching up to inject some brightness into what can be a dull time of year. When Christmas is out of the way, you might decide to fill your free time by altering your home’s colour scheme, or adding new décor to give the place a fresh look.

This infographic by Irish cleaning company Cleanscape ( highlights five of the most in-vogue paint colours this winter, great food for thought for anybody considering a seasonal painting job. Maybe you’d like a warm, comforting colour like charcoal or navy blue? Or perhaps something dazzling and delightful such as gold or the increasingly popular snowglory? Should any of these colours take your fancy, there’s also suggestions as to which parts of your house suit them best, as well as useful pointers to remember when choosing a paint colour for each room in your home.

Alternatively, you might want to alter the design of your home without the messiness and labour of painting. The graphic has got you covered – take your pick from the several design themes suggested, be it 1920s vintage, luxury materials or visual separation. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from trying a combination of designs and paint colours. For the home décor enthusiast seeking some inspiration over winter, check out this vivacious infographic!

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