New-Look House: 4 Essential Tips When Repainting Your Home

Last Updated on March 21, 2022 by Kravelv

Repainting a home can add increased value and overall improve the appearance in a fairly simple way. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of painting their home without giving this project much thought, and that can result in damaged property and unattractive results. If you are planning on painting your home in the near future, then here are a few steps you can take to make sure that the beautiful results last for many years to come.

Getting The Surfaces Ready

Most of the time that you spend on this project should go toward the prep work. Painting a home is actually quite easy, but getting the indoor and outdoor walls ready for the paint can be somewhat complicated if you have never done it before. You should begin your renovations by removing fixtures and cleaning all exposed surfaces. If you need to remove any lingering paint, then you must be sure that the walls are completely bare and only the wood, siding, or brick underneath can be seen. Depending on the type of paint you are using, you might also need to apply one or more coats of a high-quality primer.

A Look At Colors And Designs

Many different variables must be taken into consideration when you are choosing which colors and designs you would like to use. Those who plan on selling their home in the near future should stick to relatively simple designs and neutral colors like cream, light brown, yellow, and blue. For homeowners who aren’t interested in putting their property on the market, there is much more room for personal tastes. As a general rule, earth tones are an excellent option for brick and stone surfaces. You can also try brighter colors on the fixtures and trim pieces to accentuate the most eye-catching features of your home.

Invest In High-Quality Gear

Even if you are only going to use the tools a few times over the years, you should still invest in high-quality painting gear. Not only is it going to make your job much easier, but it will also improve the final results. At the very least, you should purchase professional-grade rolls, paint, spray guns, and electric mixers. When choosing a mixer, make sure you know what you’re doing as there are various specifications for a laboratory electric mixer that may not work well with flammable substances. Those few items could save you a quite a bit of time and can be used for many different projects in the coming years. When you are purchasing paint and primer, you might want to consult with a specialist who can give you suggestions on which products will last the longest in your local climate.

Choosing The Right Time

Your local weather patterns will also have a major impact on the results. Unless you absolutely need to paint your home in order to sell it as soon as possible, you should try to paint the outdoor walls during the warmest months of the year. Those who live in a wet environment should also avoid major storms as the paint will take much longer to dry, and that will increase your risk of drips and runs. As you start working each day, you must always double-check the surfaces for dust and try to paint the highest areas first.

Once you have finished painting your home, you need to continue maintaining the walls so that the colors stay vibrant and the paint remains intact. At the very least, you should gently wash the outside walls at least once or twice a year to remove cobwebs, dust, and other types of debris. You must also inspect the indoor and outdoor walls for cracks and chips. Once the paint has become chipped, there is a very good chance that the materials underneath will be damaged if you don’t repaint the area immediately.

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