Natural way to getting rid of fleas in your house permanently

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Fleas have been known to cause great discomfort to both man and pets, and many people try to get rid of fleas. The reason is that they are faster to breed, and they spread rapidly. This means that getting rid of fleas can turn out to be an extremely daunting task.

How to get rid of fleas in your house

The first thing you should know if you want to get rid of fleas is to ensure that all areas where fleas might breed are all treated at the same time. It will be a waste of energy if you remove all the fleas from your dog, only to have it lie down on a flea-infested mat. The best thing is clean up all mats, carpets, pets and lawns to ensure that all fleas, under different stages of growth, are dealt with.

Establish a pattern of treating your pets regularly.

It can be an extremely difficult task to get rid of fleas from your house with one blow. No matter how detailed your plan is, it is impossible to destroy the whole batch of fleas – some will always remain. Treat the areas repeatedly until all the fleas are done away with.


Use salt to get rid of fleas.

Salt is one of the best things you can use to fight fleas because it is cheap and safe. Sprinkle some salt on the carpet and let it stay there for a while. It will dehydrate the fleas that are living on the carpet together with their eggs. Another advantage is that you won’t have to worry if your child will end up licking it, especially if your child is still crawling around.

Prevention is better than cure.

If you want to get rid of fleas, ensure that you know where they are coming from. They grow neither on the carpet nor the pet’s fur. Instead, fleas come from outside, brought in by pets and other animals into the house. Deal with this issue by making sure that the places where pets go
outside the homes are properly cleaned.

Examine the cause of the fleas before you get rid of them.


If fleas consistently invade you in your home; then there is probably a bigger problem than you imagine. It is time to do a thorough research to determine the exact cause of the fleas. Follow the behavior of your pet and see whether it moves around to areas that you are not aware of. Also, check out if you are the person who comes in with fleas.

Clean your house regularly.

Sometimes, we end up being hosts to fleas because we have become hosts to rodents. To deal with this problem, ensure your house is clean with no food lying around the house by making use of an automatic feeder every time. Also, seal any holes or cracks in the wall that may allow rodents to come in.

Get rid of fleas by keeping your lawns clean.

Fleas don’t just come to homes through animals alone. Some fleas come into the house by jumping on humans and coming with them inside the house. To avoid this scenario, always ensure that your lawns are properly disinfected and kept clean.


Be patient. The advice provided above will not get rid of all fleas immediately. Depending on your situation, getting rid of fleas may take more or less time that you initially expected


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