Natural Stone Steps: Integrating It Into a Home’s Exterior

Last Updated on August 18, 2022 by Kravelv

Decorating the house exterior is a hobby for some, while others are resilient and passionate about instilling unique ways to make their exterior the best. Outdoor areas are the main target when it comes to making things unique.

There are a vast number of material options present in the market. However, natural stone is one of the versatile landscaping materials used for home’s exterior decor. Steps designed from natural stones are one way of employing these adaptable stones. 

natural stone step

We usually think of stone steps present in our backyard or entrance. Still, there are several innovative ways to use natural stone steps to enhance the overall ambiance of our houses, providing a fresh, rustic, and modern look.

If you want to give a new outlook to your home’s landscape, here are 4 ways to integrate natural stone steps into the home’s exterior.

Steps amid the pool

If you are looking for something new this summer, floating steps are a deal breaker. It will leave your landscape with a unique blend of stone steps and a pool. Summer is here, and swimming is central to spending the long days; instilling natural stone steps around the pool in the form of large slabs, or you can use these to connect different areas of the pool.

Steps for easy access

If you live at the side of a river or sea, or your new under-construction cottage is at the shore, you can employ stone steps for easy access to the water. It is both helpful and beautiful in its outlook.

It is more visually appealing and creates elegant pathway regardless of any uneven surface. Stone steps provide a wide walking pathway and are available in distinguishing colors and styles. Choose the one that befits the overall aura and ambiance of the house.

Offset is a new modern

Living in the postmodern world, where everything obscene seems unique. Instead of putting your step stones in a linear way, you can adopt a slightly tilted manner to place them on one another. It will arouse interest and give a contemporary freestyle look to your backyard.

You can adopt this offset style in steps leading down to your garden, in the main entrance, or in your backyard. It will stand out of the ordinary style steps and give your home exterior an exquisite outlook. 

A combo of Large steps & Small gravel

The combo of large step stones and small gravel is quite traditional, but people still use it in their home’s exterior decor. It is characterized by placing square slabs of natural stones in either a circle or step-ahead style. The remaining area around the slabs is covered by small gravel.

It gives a soft and playful outlook to your exterior, both appealing and warm in appearance. The best part is the small gravel comes in various colors that can be matched with the step stones or the overall theme of your exterior.

It is easily blending with the environment to give a smooth finish. If you are a person who loves to keep the traditional spark alive, it’s the best option for you.


Natural stone steps add value, beauty, and functionality to your landscape. It increases the property value by adding lifetime durability. They are affordable and durable as compared to stairs made of synthetic marbles. It comes in a variety of colors, textures, sizes, and styles, thus, enabling you to make a customized, unique exterior. It can be used in various styles, above are the 4 best ways to integrate natural step stones into your home’s exterior.