How To Make Your Property Listing Stand Out

Last Updated on June 22, 2023 by Kravelv

With today’s technological advancements, it’s more convenient for most home buyers to search for properties for sale online. So, if you’re a Canadian seller, making your listing in British Columbia stand out from the competition is essential if you wish to sell your property quickly.

While creating a solid listing isn’t easy, there are various ways to nail it. More often than not, you need the assistance of an experienced professional like a Coquitlam realtor covering your area.

No need to worry though. Below are other helpful methods you can use to capture the attention of home buyers and make your listing set apart from others:

1. Highlight Your Property’s Important Features

Consider your property listing as a sales pitch. If you cram your listing with irrelevant details, you won’t be able to attract potential buyers. You want to ensure that your listing has listed down the essential features of your house.

Your listing must contain features such as a bathroom, kitchen, outdoor living space, and other unique home features like a sunroom or spots where future homeowners can enjoy the sunrise or sunset. It’s a plus if you live near a body of water.

As you highlight the features of your property, try to provide succinct descriptions for each area to sell your house quickly to interested buyers and investors.

2. Provide A Strong Description And Use Strong Keywords

Most home buyers look up property listings through a multiple listing service (MLS). But the online database limits the scope and length of property descriptions. To make your listing stand out, you should use meaningful descriptive language and catchy lines to make it appealing to potential home buyers.

When writing listing descriptions, it’s also vital to use strong keywords. This will help your target audience find you and your property listing in the market. Some examples of descriptive keywords are spacious, beautiful, and stunning. Other feature keywords include overlooking views, high ceilings, marble tiles, and the like. Just remember that your keywords depend on the market you’re aiming to capture and the buyers of the properties you’re selling.

3. Present A Property Plan

Presenting your home’s top view layout is one of the essentials to making your property listing stand out among others. Like in virtual staging, several professional photographers also offer or cater floor plan services. This can be the key to presenting your entire property to potential buyers and giving them a walkthrough-like output – providing a unique viewing experience not all sellers can offer.

4. Use Appealing And High-Quality Photos

Another way to differentiate from other property listings online is to use quality and appealing photos. Remember that visuals are important in the real estate industry to attract buyers. Therefore, it only makes sense to use quality photos of your property.

By spending extra money and time, it’s possible to produce beautiful images that can be the deciding factor for buyers. While it’s fine to take pictures of your property using a mobile device, it’s better if you hire professional real estate photographers to do the job for you.

Aside from pictures, some professionals are willing to offer drone footage. The drone video provides a bird’s eye view of your listing. It also shows your property’s layout, including the number of rooms, size, and position. This way, potential buyers can quickly visualize your property.

5. Consider Doing Home Staging

An empty room is dull and may not attract home buyers effectively. This is because many buyers prefer to see the possibilities of an entire space. Considering home staging will boost your home value and make your property listing inviting and appealing.

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for traditional home staging, where you can hire professionals to stage or style your house. In this, you need to rent or buy decorations and furniture to come up with beautiful results. However, this option can be pricey and may cost you thousands of dollars.

If you’re on a budget and want to make your listing stand out, you can consider virtual home staging. In this option, you don’t need to hire professional stagers. Instead, you can send your property’s photos to a virtual designer to stage certain spaces digitally.

6. Provide Honest Details

To capture your audience’s attention effectively, make sure to provide honest details about your property. It’s crucial to note that home buyers are smart people. In today’s internet age, where information can be accessed in a few clicks, nothing’s worse than finding photos of garbage property from realtors.

In addition, the property listing and presentation may vary depending on your target audience. So, it’s better to provide the right property details to attract the most relevant individuals in the market.


Although countless Canadian real estate listings are available online, it’s never impossible to outshine your competitors in British Columbia and beyond. To ensure that you become the top property listing in the market, be sure to follow the strategies mentioned above. Once you implement them correctly, expect to get your property sold for a sizeable profit in no time to eager homebuyers.

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