5 Factors to Consider When Buying New Doors for Your Home

Last Updated on August 18, 2022 by Kravelv

Doors play a role as basic guardians of your privacy and are the first impression your homes leave on your guests. You should choose and buy a door that best represents your lifestyle and home. However, choosing the right door for your home can be a bit challenging. You must consider several factors before purchasing a home interior or exterior door. Here are five essential factors to consider when buying a new door.

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1. Color and design

The look of the doors you choose can impact the overall appearance of your home. The doors’ construction should be efficient with the right colors and design matching your home décor and its identity. Choosing a simpler design for a small space will be a great idea, while a more ornate design will be perfect for a less busy room.

It’s also vital to consider whether you will paint or stain your doors. Doors Plus has a range of classic wood doors, including pre-primed DuraXP for entrance or primed MDF for interiors. These species are the best option for a perfect paint finish.

2. Door material

The quality of basic materials you choose for your doors plays a vital part in the durability, ease of maintenance, energy efficiency, safety, and noise pollution. Doors are made from different materials, but the four main ones are wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass.

Wood is the most commonly used material by those living in apartment buildings. Wood doors offer a high-end look but are typically less weather resistant, so they are best suited for interior doors.

Aluminum doors are the most popular front door choice for individual houses. These doors are highly impermeable, easy to install and maintain and offer enormous design options. Unlike wood, aluminum doesn’t change throughout the year and isn’t susceptible to weather changes.

3. Energy efficiency and insulation

Doors play a vital role in the energy efficiency of your home. Your doors should be good insulators, locking in warmth and successfully keeping out cold. Steel or fiberglass front doors typically offer the best insulation against the outdoors but lose a significant amount of heat through air openings around the door.

Choose a door with quality frames to prevent leaks. Your new door’s weatherstripping should create a tight seal around the door, and the sill should securely interlock with the bottom edge of the door.

4. Accessibility

Besides adding beauty to the home and inviting people to knock, your doors should also allow easy access. You want to be sure that your entry will open wide enough to easily pass items such as furniture and other large objects if needed.

5. Durability and ease of maintenance

Since you will be using your doors for decades to come, it’s a smart choice to invest in a bit more durable and easier-to-maintain doors. Long-term minimum to zero maintenance costs can account for a slightly higher initial cost. It pays to choose the material that will do best in your area while still providing optimal aesthetics, safety, and functionality.


Choosing the best doors for your home is not an easy task. There is much to consider, including door materials, styles, and colors. However, keeping these factors in mind the next time you buy new doors for your home can ensure you are completely satisfied with your door’s beauty, fit, and function.

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