7 MV Realty Tips To Increase Your Property’s Value Right Before Selling

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Have you been thinking about a move? If you are, don’t just think about the physical act. It’s also essential to think about the financial repercussions that can come out of the move. Namely, how do you make sure that you maximize profits when it’s time to sell your home?

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Your property’s value is one of the most significant factors to consider when selling your home. It increases your revenue after you sell your house and allow you to get more for it. But instead of waiting for the time when you decide to sell your home, what if you can increase its value right before selling it?

If you’re selling your property in a few months or years, then you should take the time to consider these tips and tricks to help increase your property’s value. Doing so will allow you to sell your property at a better price and with greater ease. Read on for more:

1. Renovate Your Kitchen

It’s believed that the kitchen is the best-selling point of any home. Therefore, you need to do something about your kitchen before you start hosting potential buyers.

Consider creating more space, especially using kitchen tops. It would be great to include a kitchen island if you don’t have one. This might seem like those expensive home renovations, but you shouldn’t worry about it since there’s an extremely high chance of getting back the cash through the increased value of your home.

However, as you make the renovations, refrain from going overboard. This might scare away potential buyers because the place might seem too expensive for them. Ensure that function and aesthetics go hand in hand. You may need to work with your realtor, who’ll advise you on the right home renovations to undertake.

2. Work On Your Landscape

Your landscape is the first thing a potential buyer will see before entering your home. Therefore, it needs to be in top-notch condition. Start by clearing away any shrubs or bushes that make the place look disorganized.

Then, plant fresh flowers that are colorful but not too much. They should be neutral enough to convince potential buyers. If the lawn grass is withered, replace it with one that’ll grow faster. Ensure you keep the lawn constantly watered to appear and be fresh.

One thing to do as you bring back life to your lawn is to purchase plants and flowers that are low maintenance. You don’t want a buyer to feel the baggage of taking care of the yard just after buying the property.

3. Repair Any Damages

In the many years of being in your home, there might be items here and there that stopped functioning efficiently. Some things might need a repair, while others require replacement.

The best way to know the aspects that need repair or replacement is by asking MV Realty to carry out any inspection. They know what to look for since they’re experts in the business.

Some of the aspects that might need repair are your wardrobes and cabinets. Do they close well, or do they squeak as you try to?

You must also ensure that all the plumbing and electrical systems function well. Replace as necessary. If there’s a section of your roof that leaks, have a professional repair it. If the damage is extensive, replace it altogether. The same applies to your ceiling.

Repairing any faults in your home eliminates costs that your buyer will incur in the future, increasing your home’s value in the process.

4. Transform Your Basement

In most homes, basements are perceived as storage spaces with unsuitable living conditions. When planning to sell your home, you should turn around this situation by transforming your basement into a usable space.

Start by bringing in a professional to evaluate the area and identify its needs. If the basement is always damp, you may need to waterproof it first. You may also need to add more windows to allow for better ventilation. Lighting is another aspect to consider. The basement shouldn’t be dark, but the windows you’ll add might help with that.

Once you’ve dealt with the underlying issues of the basement, you can now design it. You can do many things with this space, such as transforming it into an extra bedroom, a home office, or an entertainment area. Choose the renovation that suits your current budget.

By transforming your basement into usable space, you’re increasing the square footage of your home. The more the square footage, the more the property’s value.

5. Revamp Your Finishes

The finishes are what potential buyers will see once they get through the front door. These need to be appealing enough to make them want more.

Consider repainting your interior walls to not just ‘renew’ the space but also cover up any worn-out parts. It’s best to be careful as you do this. Go for neutral colors like white, beige, and gray, rather than bold colors, such as red and yellow. You can take this up as a DIY project if you have the time or hire a professional if you don’t have the necessary skills.

If you have old lighting fixtures, replace them with modern ones or those that complement the theme of the entire house. Lighting does a lot in adding to the aesthetics of any area. 

Revamping your finishes makes your house look new and be a big catching point for potential buyers. They want to purchase a home where they’ll move in and settle quickly without all the redecorating. The less the buyer would spend on your home, the higher its value.

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6. Adopt Energy Efficiency

Going energy-efficient can surely increase the value of your home since many homeowners are looking for ways to live sustainably.

You can do this by replacing your existing appliances with energy-efficient ones. You’ll know which ones to choose since they’ll have star ratings on the packaging. The more the stars, the more energy-efficient the appliance. It’s also best to consider glazing your windows and adopting solar panels.

The main aim of energy efficiency is to lower the cost of energy bills for the future homeowner. This aspect alone will increase the value of your property by a significant margin.

7. Clean, Clean, Clean

A clean home surely attracts a lot of potential buyers. Your goal should be letting potential buyers easily imagine themselves living in the space. No one wants to live in a dirty home, so take out your mop and vacuum and get ready to dust off every inch of that house.

Reach hidden dirty areas like grime on your bathroom tiles and the space behind and under your furniture.

Ensure you’ve got shiny floors too. You don’t want a buyer to be viewing your house only for a cockroach to pass by their legs. They’ll assume your home is infested or not a conducive environment for them. You can buy stain removal products from your local store to help you clean up quickly and thoroughly. 

With a clean home, the air quality also improves, making the space smell and look fresh.


It is common knowledge that selling your property at its best strength can land you the most money in the end. Thus, it makes perfect sense to try to maximize the value of your house. The techniques for improving your home’s value are super easy and don’t require a great deal of time or money. Whether you are an experienced investor or a first-time real estate buyer trying to save some bucks, the MV Realty tips above can surely help you increase the value of your house.

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