Tips for Moving Safely to A New House During Covid-19

Last Updated on April 20, 2022 by Kravelv

Every year brings new opportunities and challenges along, but this new decade surprised us with Covid-19. It seemed like any other common virus until it started to spread worldwide, resulting in deaths. It has been months since people are locked inside their homes, adhering to the new normal – online classes, shopping, and work from home. As epidemiologists predict the virus is not going away anytime soon, everyone is continuing with their lives, but with safety protocols.

Whether you have to kick off a venture or move to a new house – get going with your life. Relocating and moving is nothing less than a hassle, and additional precautions due to Covid-19 can make it sound like a nightmare. However, moves are not something that can wait, meaning you have to manage everything smoothly.

If you are clueless about how moving works during the pandemic, have a look below. Here we are bringing you incredible tips for moving safely to a new house during Covid-19.

1. Virtually Rent a Storage Unit

First of all, you would need ample space to store your furniture and junk when moving to a new place. Instead of stuffing up the new location with unnecessary things, secure them in a storage unit. Like In the US, the pandemic situation is horrible, and going on a site visit is not possible during the pandemic, so start searching for companies online. Look for the ones offering a virtual tour of the space, giving you a fair idea of how big the facility is and whether it suits your requirements. If you are in Louisiana, explore self-storage in bossier and determine what online services they are offering. Check for the option of online payments and surf through social media to bag some discounts.

2. Book a Moving company Online

Indeed, hiring a moving company can be risky, but how else can you transport bulky furniture and other things? Hunt for some reputable companies and inquire about the measures they are taking to ensure a safe move. Ask about their Covid-19 policy about physical distancing and sanitization. If your friends have moved to a new place recently, learn about their experience with the moving company to judge if it is safe. Besides, you can always provide hygiene products – facemask, PPE suits, and sanitizers to the movers.

3. Schedule Your Move Carefully

When are you planning to relocate? Unfortunately, during the busy days, you will find yourself near other people. Whether it be your new neighbors, roommate, building staff, or joggers passing by – you have to maintain a distance. Therefore, be a little flexible with day and time, instead of opting for weekends, choose any weekday. Keep it early morning as it would cut down the number of people around during your move. It is mandatory for people moving out or into an apartment to pick odd hours; otherwise, they will witness a lot of traffic on hallways, stairs, and elevators.

4. Sanitize and Maintain Distance

Unsurprisingly, you would be in close contact with people during your move. Alongside touching different surfaces, you will find yourself exchanging money and other essentials. Therefore, it is imperative to keep your hands super clean. Feel free to wear gloves, but ensure you are not touching your face or clothes since dirty gloves can transmit germs readily. Keep a sanitizer in your pouch and use it after every 20-minutes to clean hands.

Similarly, wear a facemask as a virus always attacks through nose and mouth. As far as social distancing is concerned, don’t let more than three people inside the house. It might delay things but keeps you safe from the threat of Covid-19.

5. Clean and Disinfect

Germs can transmit through anything, which means you have to put some effort into cleaning and disinfecting. Firstly, use the moving boxes available in your house, or if you plan to order, sanitize it before loading your stuff. Likewise, when everything arrives at your new place, disinfect your surroundings and all the boxes and put them under the sun to kill the bacteria.

Most importantly, spruce up the new home yourself since hiring a cleaning crew is not advisable. Grab an alcohol-based cleaning solution and sweep all the dirt. Focus more on frequently touched surfaces – faucets, doorknobs, switches, electronics, etc. Also, follow the cleaning instructions carefully – for instance, you can’t mix up bleach with any other cleaner.

Final Thoughts

With the fear of Covid-19, you can stay indoors, but it is impossible to keep delaying essential decisions. As long as you follow the protocols given by the World Health Organization, you are good to go. Adopt tech-savvy practices and make your bookings online, while for the moving day, keep your sanitizers and masks ready to close doors for any threats.

Kravelv is a full time digital marketer and part time furniture and cabinet maker. During his free time he would like to create something out of recycled woods, this varies from toys, furnitures plant boxes etc. Follow him on Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook