What Type of Mattress do You Need for a Murphy Bed?

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Murphy beds are ideal for small spaces, guest rooms, and studio apartments. For those who have a small space, this bed can be the perfect space saver for them. Murphy beds remain folded upright against the wall. Therefore, selecting the top mattress for murphy bed may confuse you.

Well, you will find this answer in this article. Unlike other beds, Murphy beds don’t have extra cushioning so you have to select the mattress wisely. Actually, any mattress with adequate thickness, comfort, firmness, and weight is perfect for murphy beds. So, let’s start the discussion without further delay.

What Type of Mattress You Need for a Murphy Bed?

Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke-National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a perfect mattress from the several options for your murphy bed. Below we will discuss different types of mattresses for Murphy beds, so that you can figure out the best one.

Memory Foam Mattress

This is the safest and one of the best options for murphy beds. Staying in a sheer position for a longer time it doesn’t slump and can hold its shape. Memory foam can provide maximum pressure relief thus alleviating discomfort.

This mattress is extremely adaptable and flexible that a foldable bed requires most. You can go for gel memory foam mattresses also. This gel-based mattress draws the heat away from the body. In this way, you can sleep cooler instead of feeling hot.

Latex Mattress

It is kind of similar to memory foam mattresses. But, they come with more bounce and responsiveness than memory foam. These types of mattresses are popular for their durability and reliability.

You will find two different variants of this mattress like standard synthetic latex and all-natural material latex. So, those who have allergy with synthetic latex can go for the second option.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses come with steel coils that provide a bouncy surface. With their open structure, they allow more airflow inside the mattress and offer an excellent cooling experience. The main problem is the coils can’t stay in place with vertical position.

There is a huge chance of the coil’s shifting downward. Also, the mattress can lose its shape. Thus, this mattress will not be the perfect choice for using on your Murphy bed.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are designed with different materials to offer more comfort, best support, durability, and strength. Actually, they come up with the combination of foam, innerspring coil system, and latex material. They can provide more firmer base and edges than the others.

Though hybris mattresses have so many advantages but they are not compatible with a murphy bed. Still, the steel coils can shift downwards when the bed is in the vertical position.

Important Features of Mattresses While Considering for a Murphy Bed

After deciding the mattress type now lookout for the features that will suit the Murphy bed.

Size & Dimensions

The first thing is looking out for the size and dimensions of the mattress. It should perfectly fit into the bed’s dimension while it is in the vertical position. Every Murphy bed cabinet can tolerate a specific maximum height.

Keep in mind about the lines and pillows as they can also increase the thickness. The normal height range starts from 9 to 12 inches. Make sure your mattress is not taller than 12 inches. Thicker mattresses can prevent the bed from closing accurately.

Mattress Weight

Weight of the mattress matters the most for Murphy beds. While purchasing a Murphy bed make sure to ask the range of mattress weight. Generally, depending on the brand they can support a minimum of 1,000 pounds. Most mattresses are estimated with the weight capacity that a bed can support.

Mattress Firmness & Comfort

Medium to medium-firm is the ideal option for a murphy bed mattress. This firmness level has the versatility and accommodates most sleeping positions. It can provide comfort and support.

Murphy beds do not have a built-in box spring thus, your comfort totally depends on the mattress. So, while shopping look out for the difference in firmness to get the most comfortable one.

Regularity of Use

For everyday use consider a mattress that can meet your needs specifically. In that case, foam mattresses will work best. If you need a mattress for the guests you can choose a moderate firmness level of the mattress. One more thing, if you use this bed for only once or twice per year you can go for economical mattresses.

Guide to Securing a Mattress to a Murphy Bed

Choosing the perfect fitted mattress is not enough for using a murphy bed. You have to think about securing the mattresses also. If you properly secure the mattress you can prevent it from getting damaged or worn out. So, let’s see the step-by-step processes for securing a mattress to the Murphy bed.

  • Look out for the elastic and adjustable murphy bed strips that can hold the mattress firmly in place. These straps prevent the mattress from sagging, leaning, and hanging down limply.
  • To attach the straps, collect a measuring tape, electric screwdriver or manual screwdriver, a couple of metal brackets, and a few screws.
  • Install the straps into the bed frames at around 20 inches from both side’s foot end. Make the straps hang freely and secure the brackets using the screwdriver.   
  • After attaching the straps, release them and place the mattress on the murphy bed.
  • Now, take the straps around the mattress and tighten them. If needed adjust them and get the desired length.
  • Ensure the straps hold the mattress tightly.


If you are living in a small apartment then, a Murphy bed will be the best option for you. While choosing the perfect mattress for this bed it requires something extra. Don’t be afraid, it’s quite simple to pick up the best one. This article shows all factors that you should consider.

These beds are slightly smaller which can cause discomfort for some people. But a perfect and comfortable bed can make your sleep comfortable and relaxing. There are mattresses that can complement these beds well. The best combination of murphy bed and mattress can provide the best experience without sacrificing square footage.

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