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Makeover tips for your home and garden

With summer fast approaching, do you not think it is time to give your home or garden a makeover? During the summer month’s we all spend a significant amount of time outdoors with friends and family. You don’t need to look very far, as you can easily buy outdoor furniture online and find the best designs to match whatever outcome you are looking for. So why not take a look at some tips below for improvements that you can make, ensuring you are ready for those warm summer months!

Ensure your home is secure

Before you decide to give your home a makeover, it is probably advisable to make sure this is secure. You don’t want to end up investing all your money in home improvements, only for this to be taken from you a few days later. Checking this may result in replacing or repairing existing windows and doors around your home. While this may end up being expensive, you and your family will reap the long term benefits of having a safe and secure home.

Double glazed windows are still the popular choice among customers today. The security on these has however developed to new levels, with upgraded hinges, mechanisms and much more available.

Security on doors has also improved over recent years with the introduction of high security uPVC Door Locks. These now feature hooks, rollers and even anti-lift bolts to stop potential burglars lifting the hooks out of place. Key cylinders have also evolved with the introduction of anti-snap cylinders, these prevent potential burglars from being able to snap your cylinder and gain easy access to your home. If you are looking to replace your door and implement some of these security features, I would take a look at the range offered by Composite Door World. They offer the latest security products with all new doors and you can even design your own Composite Door!

Hire a landscaper

If your garden is starting to look a little downtrodden and you want to impress your friends this summer, why not hire a landscaper to improve this for you? Your garden is one of the centre pieces of summer months, with garden parties, barbecues and much more. Nobody wants to fight their way through the wilderness when they come for a party or barbecue!

If you are just looking to spruce up your garden a little, why not consider implementing some paving or garden furniture items? There are some fantastic paving options available on today’s market, including Limestone Paving, Natural Sandstone Paving, Slate Paving and much more. An example of paving being put to good use can be seen above. As you can see this gives an elegant look and is much easier to maintain than grass.

Installing paving in your garden will also allow you to implement the use of garden furniture items. Why not invest in a beautiful rattan furniture set, sofa set or dining set? As you will probably know, there is a huge selection of garden furniture products out there, so I would suggest looking into this first.

Your garden offers endless possibilities, with a huge selection of products available including barbecues, storage sheds, chiminea’s, firepits and more.

Improve or makeover your Garage

If you have already decided to look into giving your garden a makeover, why not think about your garage too?

If you use your garage as a car park, you may want to simply give it a splash of paint. However if it is only used for storage, you may want to look into converting it into a functional room. The possibilities are endless for this, including a games room, workshop and much more.

Fitting a new Garage Door can give a surprisingly significant improvement to your garage. An example of this can be seen above in a recent installation of a sectional garage door by Garage Doors Durham.

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