How To Transform Your Car Garage Into a ManCave

Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Kravelv

Who wouldn’t want their personal space? What better area to turn into a man cave than your garage?

I’ll show you how to make what is most likely already your territory into a haven or a location to find peace. A room that will allow you to relax and unwind. This garage-turned-man cave will be designed and built from the ground up and by the time it’s done, you’ll have a place you can spend hours in without being bothered. Read on!


1. Lay a Subfloor

While concrete can work for a guy’s cave, it’s not ideal for a cool hanging spot if it’s dusty and tainted with grease. It is possible to provide both comfort and warmth by installing a new sub-floor with insulation.

 If you’re going to continue with concrete, throw in some rugs or carpet remnants so you and your friends don’t have to stand on a cold, hard floor while playing pinball or darts. You can also include Stone epoxy, which is both clean and long-lasting, and interlocking rubber tiles are two other attractive possibilities. 

A carpet is more expensive, requires more maintenance, and must be pulled out of the cave to be converted back to a garage. All you need is to understand what you can work with and whether or not your man-cave will again, in the future, be turned into a garage.

2. Upgrade the Wall

What type of garage do you have? Is it attached or detached? Because detached garages do not benefit from your home’s heat or air conditioning, they will take a bit longer to convert into a man cave, but it is reasonably simple to add insulation and then seal the warmth in with drywall. If you want to play your drum set or listen to music without continually being ordered to turn the volume down, insulation can help. 

There is no need to worry about paint if you prefer a rough, unfinished look, but a fresh coat of paint can give your man cave a new look. It may be alluring to go with a darker colour, but unless you want to create a genuine dungeon atmosphere, lighter, neutral colours might help space feel more spacious, especially if your garage has a limited number of windows.

3. Add Electricity

Because most garages are constructed for entering and exiting, they offer poor lighting. However, if you plan on spending time in your garage-turned-man-cave, you’ll need more than one dim overhead light. Plan for electrical outlets for your screens, gaming systems, sound systems, refrigerators, and pool or poker table illumination, or whatever it is that you’ll be needing in the mancave. 

Just be sure to work with a quality residential meter box for your mancave. I mean, you want to be sure that you are working with the best in the market to protect your appliances and yourself.  You won’t trip over extension cables if you perform the electrical rewiring ahead of time, and it’s always preferable to have too many outlets than not enough.

4. Bump up Some Shelves and Storages

Are you looking for a place to store your tools and toys? Or built-in cabinets to store your games, drinks, and other items? Examine shelving and storage options so you can keep the items that were previously stored in your garage while keeping your man cave cool and comfy. 

You do not need to go big with expenses in this one, but if you want to transform it into a nicer place with posh furniture and luxurious storage, then why not? There’s no harm in loving yourself a little!

5. Customize Your Mancave

Now, you want your man cave to scream your favourite things such as sports and games, then why don’t you customize it to just that. Remember, this is your happy place, and you want it to be as unique as possible to your preference.

With the various designs and options, you can transform your man cave, be sure to pick the one that is unique to you. If you are not sure of what to go with, there are lots of inspirations online that will help you come up with a better idea. 

6. Get Some Cleaning Supplies

Just because you have a man cave doesn’t mean you should go all crazy about being messy. Ensure that you get some cleaning supplies for your man cave. You’ll need things like a mop, some buckets, brushes and a dustbin. Since it is your man cave, you are responsible for keeping it clean. Otherwise, you’ll easily get bored with it if you keep it messy all the time.

7. Get Water into Your Man Cave

This may seem a little crazy but it’s quite necessary. I mean, how will you do your cleaning without water? Will you be going back and forth to your house to get water every time you need it? The essence of having a man cave is to have your personal space. Therefore, equipping it with everything including water supply is necessary to achieve that goal.

The Bottom Line

A man cave is a place where you can unwind, occupy yourself, and hang out with your favourite gears, music, or toys. It’s your space, therefore it should reflect your personal flair. Take your time when transforming your man cave and ensure it is well suited for you. All the best!