Top Housewarming Present Ideas!

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When you are invited to a house-warming, your initial thoughts go to what you will wear. Then you begin to worry what you are going to buy the individual or the couple. It’s especially hard if you don’t know the couple very well, or they seem to have everything already! Check firstly to see if they have a gift list set up on sites such as Amazon. It will give you an idea of what they like. If they haven’t, here are some top housewarming present ideas that they will like.


A great present for new homeowners is a vase which they can use in their hall, lounge or even bedroom. To make it extra special, you could put some real or artificial flowers in there. A vase is perfect because people are always getting flowers, and it can enhance a room. Talk to them about what colors they will be having in their different rooms so you don’t buy something that will look right. And remember to keep the receipt so that they can take it back if they don’t like it!

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Photo frame

If you are looking for the perfect housewarming present, you should consider getting them a picture frame. We can never have enough of these to show off our favorite photographs. Decide what size and color you want to get. You could get a photo frame which they could hang on the wall, or maybe they might prefer one to go on the window sill. To make it more personal, why not choose a photo of them to put in it. If it’s just an individual moving in, why not use a picture of the two of you so they will know who it’s from!

Kitchen essentials

The handiest present you can get for the new homeowner is some kitchen essentials. Whether or not they already have them, a brand new product can be great when moving into a new home. A knives and forks set is often a popular choice, and you can get so many beautiful sets in stores. Or you could go for a set of beautiful plates which they can use for dining. Anything they can use for cooking will be a popular choice for their new kitchen. Consider getting them a baking tray or a mixing bowl as this will help them when cooking some delicious treats. You could always ask them if there is anything they need. It’s better it’s something they need, rather than something that will be put on the side and isn’t used.

Bed Cover

Often people buy a new bed when they move into a new property. Therefore, a bed cover will make a lovely present which they can use. Talk to them about the bedroom color scheme they will be having so you can choose something that will look right in the room. You could always buy them a bed cover for a spare bedroom if they will be having one. It often gets forgotten so they will appreciate the extra bed cover for that room. Remember to check if there are pillowcases included; you don’t want them having to hunt for the right ones if they don’t come included! Also, you may want to get them some plain sheets for their bed.


A unique present idea the homeowner will love is a beanbag. It’s something fun that they can put in their lounge as an extra form of seating, and is cheaper than buying them a chair! It can also go in their bedroom so they can lounge on it while reading their book. It also can be put away in a cupboard if they need the space. You can personalize it to fit their color scheme, and often they come in bigger sizes so more than one person can sit on it at once! You can find comfortable bean bags here that might be right for your friend’s new home.

Bathroom Essentials

Another good present idea for your friend is some bathroom essentials. It could be a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder or even a toilet brush! These always come in useful and is something they have likely forgotten to buy. Talk to them again about their color scheme so you know what they need. You could also get them some towels which match their colors as these always come in useful. A new mirror for their bathroom is also a good idea; just make sure to check if there is one in there already.


A bottle of Champagne is also another great idea for a present. It’s a time of celebration when you move into a new property, and therefore, they can use the champagne to celebrate the purchase. It’s something they might even open during the housewarming party for you all to share. It’s important to check if they enjoy drinking before buying them a bottle. If they are not keen on Champagne, you could always buy them a bottle of Whiskey, Vodka or Gin instead!

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When moving into a property, there will be a lot of things that needs to be built. And it can be a nightmare if they don’t have the right screwdriver to maybe to put up that wardrobe! Therefore, a new set of tools will help them be able to do it efficiently. There are some great toolkit sets around which look very smart, and your friend will love. And if you friend would prefer a more stylish set, there are some great pink versions that they will love!


Another top present idea which will come in useful for the new homeowners is a cookbook. If they have a brand new kitchen, they will be more inclined to start cooking in there. Find a cookbook with recipes for their favorite cuisine, or buy them a cookbook full of unique recipes they might not have tried before. Hopefully, they let you try some of their new dishes!

Storage boxes

When we move into a new property, we often end up bringing so much stuff with us that doesn’t have a new home. Therefore, it would be a good idea to get the new homeowner some storage boxes where they can keep their stuff. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you might be able to buy a whole set for them to put together. You might want to get them some lockable storage boxes. As we talked about previously, it’s a good idea as they can keep their important documents safe.


If they are moving into a property which has a large garden, a top present idea would be a BBQ. It always comes in useful during the Spring and Summer months. It also means they can entertain people in their new garden. As they come in different sizes and shapes, you need to think how big they would want it. If they are an individual, a smaller one would be sufficient; however if they are a large family, ones with a lot of space might be necessary. Remember to buy them some BBQ tools to go with it, so that they can get cooking straight away.

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If your friend loves art, then a piece of art which they could hang on their wall would be a fantastic housewarming present. Look for paintings from their favorite artists that would look great on their wall. Try and choose a piece of art which that will mean something to them. For example, if it’s a couple moving in together, a piece of art showing a couple together would be ideal. It might not be a good idea to go for something too vibrant; people have their own preference on the style they like!

DVD stand

DVDs are one of those things which tend to be tossed to one side, and then suddenly becomes a huge pile. We don’t ever want to get rid of any, so we tend to end up with loads. To help to keep their new home beautiful and tidy, why not buy them a DVD stand so they can store them all correctly. If you think they may use it in their lounge or their study, it would be a good idea to check if wood or metal would be best to match all their other furniture.

Table essentials

Another brilliant present idea is some table essentials for their new home. They have likely bought a new table to go in their new property. So a good idea would be to get them a table fabric runners or cover to use on there to keep it protected. Try to go for a color which will match their dining area. Also, some placemats and coasters would be useful for when they are entertaining. You could also get them some seat cushions so they can keep cozy when sitting on their new chairs.

If the above ideas are not any good, you can just get them a lovely card and a voucher, so that they can buy what they want.

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