Maintaining Timber Decking (Infographic)

Last Updated on March 18, 2022 by Kravelv

Timber decking in your front or back garden can give your entire property a resplendent appearance, but that will only be the case if you treat it with care at regular intervals. Even if it looks pristine when first installed, it will inevitably succumb to the effects of inclement weather if seasonal maintenance isn’t undertaken.

Crowe Sawmills  produced this infographic which outlined a detailed decking maintenance schedule for the whole year, beginning in springtime and continuing through to the winter months. As spring approaches, the time will soon be nigh for washing and sealing your deck. Firstly, debris between the boards should be removed and a thorough sweep of the whole deck is needed; then you can proceed with washing and cleansing the desk. Leave it to dry for a couple of days, or until you get a clear, warm day, before sealing and sanding the timber. That will leave the decking nicely ready for the primary repair work in the summer before trimming and cleaning in fall.

It isn’t just the appearance of your decking that could suffer if you don’t carry out regular maintenance. Adverse weather conditions can warp the timber, increasing the likelihood of cracks developing in the boards and consequently making the decking dangerous to walk upon. Boards may also become loose over time, which again poses a safety hazard.

There is no point in investing time, effort and money into installing a timber deck if it turns to rubbish within a few short months, so be sure to treat it continually so that you can enjoy this wonderful garden feature for years to come.