What kind of comforter should I buy? The untapped tips for you

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Kravelv

Everyone likes sleeping because good and sound sleeping increases the condition of health and mind. For healthy and comfortable sleeping body needs supports of several things such as the pillow, comforter, etc. But burning the question is that which comforter is the best down comforter for me. It is varying widely due to preference level of person varying widely. This preference level of the person depends on personal behavior, choice, weight, body condition, etc. the comforter for the couple can be varied from the comforter of the child.it also depends on the warmth level choosing by the people. So www.healthycomforter.com has made an analysis based on the different points of view of people.

As far as we know, mainly there are two types of a comforter, one is down comforter, and the other is down alternative comforter. Before you buy should be considering several factors;

Filling: The main components for filling natural down comforter is natural down feathers. On the other hand polyester material or cotton fiber are the main components of alternative down comforter. Filling power also should vary from person to person. If you have a warm room, you are used to wearing a heavy sleeping dress,500 and below fill power down comforter is useful for you. If you are used to with cooler room with the light dress than 600 plus fill power comforter is helpful for you.

Price: Down comforter is made of down feathers that come from the beneath feather of duck or geese over which protective layer of quill has found. So the real down feathers cost more than down alternative materials. So generally down comforter are priced more than down alternative comforter.


Natural down or feathers has allergens. But alternative down materials has no allergies. So the people who have allergy problem should go for alternative down comforter.

Dust mite

Natural down or feathers accumulate dust faster than alternative down feathers. So more cleaning and maintenance is needed for down comforter. If you are a student, living in a hostel or you live apart from your family can go for alternative down comforter, because less care is needed for this.

Warmth level

Natural down or feathers is fluffier than alternative down materials. If the filling power is 600-800 for down feathers, then it gives unbeatable warmth and comfort to the user. It is also suitable for the hot sleeper. So you can determine first what warmth level is suitable for you. Based on this you can go for down comforter or alternative down comforter. Typically alternative down comforter is less fluffy and less warm than down comforter. And breathability of down comforter is higher than a synthetic down alternative comforter.

Down comforters losses its fluffiness and insulation very rapidly if proper measure not taken at the time of washing it water and detergent are harmful to down feather. Natural down feather has a soft oil and loftiness. Frequently washing removes the oil from down feather and reduces loftiness. So dry clean is a must for its effectiveness. If these characteristics gone than down feather is useless. So proper care, more cautious, and safety is needed for it. On the other hand, a regular washing machine is not harmful to alternative down comforter. After washing, it retains its loftiness’ and fluffiness. So cleaning is easy for alternative down comforter. But not all the time, sometimes down alternative material (fabric, cotton) does not hold up well. So many washes can cause shrinkage, sometimes it can pilling or worn material.


In a similar filling level down comforter is lighter than down alternative comforter. If you prefer lightweight comforter, should go for down comforter.

Thread count

Naturally, thread count stars from 200 to 400 or more. More thread count does not mandatorily stand for more quality. Because more thread count was tightening the comforter, so less space for down feather to scape between the gaps. It is equated with fabric softness. So softness and loftiness needs an optimum level of thread count depending on its size and fills power.


More chance of wear and tear to the down comforter rather than alternative down comforter. So if you purchase a down comforter you should treat it with moderate care, then it can last for lifespan. Be careful from your pet animal; they can cause wear and tear of your comforter easily. If you are a rough user, and if you have a family with pets and children then you should go for alternative down comforter. Normally if money is not a problem to you, if you are a hot sleeper, or couple, love to sleep in cold environment with a warm comforter, and also you have time for daily maintenance of your comforter that is you are not a rough user should go for down comforter.