How To Maintain The Polished Concrete Surface?

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Maintaining the polished concrete surface is not an easy job.As it is quite expensive it requires proper planning for its preparation. The real motto is to handle with care and perform the task with a very high degree of precision. Here are certain tips that will make the process quite easy and extend the longevity of the concrete floors:

Usage of the Diamond Pads:

  • Diamond floor pads play an important role in enhancing the luster of the surface. They are equipped with powder grits applied to the surface. When the substance comes in contact, it creates friction and subsequent elimination of the impurities.
  • A total number of grits range from 400 to 3000. If the floor is smooth, higher numbers of grits are required while the rough floor requires only 500 to 600 grits. Only a very small amount of water is required to accomplish the task.

Mopping the Polished Concrete Surface:

  • Floor mopping is the best method to keep off the regular dust and dirt particles accumulating on the surface. There are different types of concrete floors ranging from a topical coating to silicate guards.
  • Wet mopping can also be accomplished but you should use the natural floor cleaner to deliver sterling performance.
  • You can use the red pads to mop and ensure that its glitz remains irrespective of the impurities. Prior to using the diamond pads, you should always consult the professionals as they can advise on the different aspects of maintenance.

Preventive Care:

  • Preventive care is another option that can be used to preserve the health of the concrete flooring.
  • Spills on the concrete should be immediately absorbed to eliminate the possibility of the stains. If left untreated, they can spoil the appearance of the floors.
  • It is possible to apply a layer of coating or guard to remove the impact of the stains and blemishes. The trick is not to spill to sink in because they may create a long-term problem.

Analyzing the Wear And Tear:

  • High quality polished concrete surface should be monitored regularly to identify the symptoms of wear and tear. Generally, the frequency depends on the foot falls the surface receives on a daily basis. Offices that only attract light traffic can be maintained by applying the finishes within a few months.
  • In restaurants, the footfalls can be high; therefore the concrete flooring should be coated every month to prevent the accumulation of the dust particles.
  • Shopping malls also incorporate concrete flooring and require coating multiple times because of the highest footfalls.
  • Diamond discs are deployed to clean the surface without any problem. Floor pads are then applied to impart the shine and repair. Lower grits can be repaired easily by the professionals while the higher ones help to sustain the amazing appearance.
  • Anti-slip coatings go a long way in polishing the concrete regularly. The conditioner helps to enhance the traction and extend the longevity of the flooring area.
  • In addition, you can also use matting in regions that are prone to slipping. As a result, lots of accidents and injuries can be prevented in the due course of time.

Sufficient Time to the Cleaner:

  • Apply the cleaner and wait for some time before it sinks into the concrete and breaks down the impurities.
  • Quickly removing the substance will not make the surface clean or maintained. In other words, time would be too short for the clears to have the desired effect.
  • It will preserve the surface appearance and shine to a great extent.

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  1. I like that you mentioned to make sure you immediately absorb any spills on the floor to avoid staining. It makes sense that if you didn’t clean up quick, it could cause damage to the floor. I want to have new concrete floors put in, and I want to make sure I know how to care for them. I will keep this in mind, thanks for sharing.

  2. This is some really good information about polishing concrete. I have been thinking about doing this in my basement. So, I liked that you explained that when cleaning it I should clean up cleaners before it breaks down the sealant.

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