Lockable Storage Boxes An Option You Can’t Afford To Overlook When It Comes To Protection

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In a perfect world we would never have to keep anything locked up.  Sadly however that is not always realistic.  It’s not a bad thing; it’s just part of being a responsible homeowner.  You may have a neighbor who loves to borrow your gardening tools without asking, a curious child or naughty teen.  Or of course want to protect your items from theft.  There are also certain things that need protection such as important documents, cash, and items that like firearms should never be in the wrong hands.

Safes Are Not Necessarily The Solution

While you might want or need to keep your possessions under lock and key a safe is not usually the best solution. For certain items they are the right choice, there is no denying that. But for keeping pool chemicals or tools out of the hands of your kids for example you’ll need something a little more practical. Not everything needs or should have that level of protection. Safes can also be downright expensive and are built to be just about impossible to be moved which most likely isn’t what you are looking for. They also can simply be a target for thieves.

A Much Better Idea

For the average homeowner a much smarter and convenient option is a lockable storage box.  Many of these are meant to be portable and will easily keep items safe from damage and theft.  Depending on what you need one for and whether you will be using it indoors or out, there are different sizes and both plastic and metal lockable storage boxes to choose from.

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Plastic Is Perfect

For outdoor items plastic is the only way to go.  Don’t be confused however thinking that plastic is weak or flimsy.  Lockable plastic storage boxes are neither; instead they are manufactured from resin which is extra durable.  Both smaller and larger options are made to handle all weather conditions. The one you choose just depends on what you will be using it for.  Many smaller plastic options have wheels so you can easily bring them to and from job sites or on trips.  Larger boxes are usually meant to be more stationary and are designed to keep all your outdoor supplies, equipment, and accessories dry and safe.  One of the best types is what’s known as a deck box, a large lockable storage box that can hold a huge volume and many times are even designed to double as a bench for extra outdoor seating!

Metal For Money, Valuables And More

Those who are looking for a little more protection and will be keeping their box indoors should consider metal.  A lockable metal storage box is ideal for smaller items such as passports, documents, extra cash, and jewelry. They also are the favorite of handgun owners around the world since they are easy to transport but keep everyone but you out, which can really give you some piece of mind.  If you want to take it to the next level, there are many metal options that are fireproof as well and actually don’t cost that much more than those that aren’t making them a smart investment.

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When you need to be sure your items stay right where you left them a lockable box is usually the right choice. Just make sure you pick the right capacity for what you plan on storing inside and the right material based on where you’ll be keeping it.  Cheaper and more versatile than safes, boxes are a responsible homeowner’s dream come true.

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