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Maximise Your Living Space: Design Ideas and Tricks

Do you ever feel like your living space is too small? Do you wish there was a way to make it seem bigger without having to move out or buy an entirely new house? Well, fret no more! It can be difficult trying to fit in everything you own into a small house or apartment, it is an even bigger challenge to make it look homely and without the clutter.

You might be familiar already with the idea of hanging curtains from the ceiling to make a room look taller, purchasing multi-purpose furniture or even painting walls lighter colours, and using reflective material like mirrors or glossy tiles to imitate a bigger space.

With small spaces, you need to be creative in the way you utilise the space, opt for thin frames, faux headboards, glass tops, and finding sofas that swap into a sleeper couch for guests. Multi-functional is going to be your new best friend.

Whether you live in a studio apartment or you want to get more out of a certain room in your house. You’ll be surprised at what you can do with just a few simple changes that will make your small space feel larger while still being able to maintain your current lifestyle.

Always remember when it comes to a property, whether you are an owner renting out or you’re deciding to invest in a smaller property as a home buyer, upgrading the property to remain current even with the smallest improvements adds value to the property in some way.

Design Ideas and Tricks to Consider:


For your bed, why not consider a day bed/ sleeper couch, and watch your bedroom double is size. getting creative with bed frames that have under-bed storage. painting a headboard on the wall to be creative and unique. small side tables for the bed and adding a taller chest of drawers will give an advantage of height to the room.

Home office/living room

depending on your living space, you might have to utilise your lounge area as a home office space as well.

using your storage hall cupboard as a built-in office, finding a desk that will fit in the cupboard, opt for an all-in-one desk with drawers and enough surface space for all your storage needs, utilising the higher shelves for storage, and a chair that folds up into the cupboard, out of sight and tucked away giving you more space to work with the common living area. think multi seating options, two-seaters, l-shaped couches that detach to separate seating. think about the layout of the space and how best you want the furniture to flow, adding end tables instead of a coffee table free’s up the centre, wall-mounting the tv and shelves on the wall.

Dining room

in your dining room, consider height instead of width. having a “breakfast-nook” style table that goes up against the wall and folds down will utilise the space more as well as stackable chairs that are lightweight and easy to store. if you can add shelving to the walls, this is a great option for placing wine glasses and bottles for display.


Lastly, storage, no matter the type of property small or big, storage is a must, these days there are clever ways to hide clutter in well-designed multipurpose pieces. if you have the space adding a storage bench or ottoman to the living room, which will serve as seating inside storage or even a coffee table. utilsing hallway cupboards to create easily accessible storage functions, pull out shelving for the pantry. there are many diy tricks to become a storage expert. You don’t have to display everything you own, after all, nothing makes a room feel smaller than clutter.

Whether you are considering renting or buying a new property and are wanting to go smaller for convenience or lifestyle change, although it can seem low maintenance a smaller house is a lifestyle to adapt to, Any effort will be worthwhile when you see the difference it has made to the aesthetics of your home. Not only this, but these home improvements will impact the value of the property. There is an added benefit to this, when you are looking to sell, as added value means added money in your pockets.

Although it’s not an easy process or knowing where to even begin when it comes to property investment and your financial situation. If you are thinking of selling or buying a home and wish to have expert advice and an accurate current market value. Enquiring expert advice will give you the confidence to take that first step in knowing what would benefit you and your finances best.


Author Bio:

Brandon Cagle A leader in the valuation industry, Brandon Cagle is one of Brisbane’s finest property valuers. With decades of experience in the Queensland property market, Brandon uses his expertise to complete valuations across residential, commercial, and industrial property types and is adept at valuating more specialised properties or purposes. Brandon is certified and registered with the Australian Property Institute (API). LinkedIn Profile

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