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Latest Styles in Shower Screen

Most of the times you would see that your bathroom starts looking a little dull, while the rest of the house is still as vibrant as always. An easy way to give your bathroom a mini-makeover is to replace the shower screen with a new one. It gives your bathroom a completely new look in the minimum budget and you get this renewed feel without going for a complete renovation.

There are many shower screens available in the market ranging from a full-frame shower screen in Sydney to a bi-fold door shower screen. This article gives you an overview of the major modern style and aesthetic shower screens which will elevate the look of your bathroom.

Framed shower screen

Fully framed shower screens are most suitable for families and people who are very conscious about the budget. These screens are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and can fit in all sizes of the bathroom. Mostly made of glass walls with the aluminum frame they provide excellent performance.

Frameless shower screen

For smaller bathrooms that have space constraints, frameless shower screens are good options. They are a sleek and minimalistic version of fully framed shower screens. They are made of glass walls that are supported by minimum hardware.

Semi framed shower screen

If you are looking for a shower screen that is durable as well as stylish in look, semi-frame screens are your obvious choice. These screens come with a more subtle frame. This way, they have the sturdiness of the frame beautifully combined with sophisticated design.

Sliding door shower screen

These shower screens are practically ideal for bathrooms with limited space. They provide similar space inside as the closed enclosure. However, the door does not open inward or outward, it just slides to open or close. This design saves a lot of space in your bathroom.

Pivot door shower screen

These are the traditional type of shower screens. The door of the shower screen is hinged towards an end and the door rotates to open. This requires considerable space which is why they are mostly suitable for large bathrooms.

Bi-fold door shower screen

These shower screens come with a sleek and attractive opening mechanism that is a great choice for contemporary bathrooms. The door can be designed with two or more folds. They save a lot of space and are practical for smaller bathrooms.

Quadrant shower screen

These shower screens save an amazing amount of space. They are elegant in design and make your bathroom look gorgeous. They neatly fit into a corner of your bathroom and usually come with sliding doors. As the bathing space is confined to a corner, there is more foot space in the bathroom that lets you move around with ease or can be used as a dressing area. They can take the beauty of your bathroom to another level.

Fixed panel shower screen

The fixed panel shower screen features a minimalistic look. They are usually accompanied by a drying area that opens in the room which is why they are best suited for the larger bathroom.

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