How to turn a small garden into a Beautiful Space with a small budget

Last Updated on January 5, 2023 by Kravelv

The beauty of outdoors gives a pleasing experience that everyone should enjoy, regardless of space. Limited space and low budget should not prove much of a hindrance to transforming your small garden into a beautiful space. Whether your garden is restricted to your balcony or deck area, we have helpful tips that will help you maximise your garden space without breaking the bank. 

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Before we go into many details, here are few tips to help you grow your garden on a budget:

  • A container garden is a great way of making use of limited space, especially if you stay in areas without available soil. You can gather soil in containers ( bags, pots, vase, pail, boxes and even buckets).
  • Private gardening is also an excellent method of taking advantage of small spaces for growing your plant. In this gardening style, the aim is to create seclusion with walls, fences, hedges through the use of climber plants. 
  • Another spectacular style of gardening is vertical gardening (also called hanging garden). It is a way of growing your plants upwards or in a vertical direction. Vertical gardening is a way of maximising space and reducing costs. 

Other creative ways of beautifying your small garden:

Have a Garden Theme 

Why we emphasise a garden theme is because it will help unify the elements in your garden into a cohesive space highlighting your garden aesthetics. The key to having a garden theme is growing your plants in a way that fits in a particular concept. This means your herbs, flowers, vegetables, crops and even ornamental items and accessories (furniture and container) must conform to your garden theme. 

Some inspiring garden themes are:

Herbal tea garden: This is for lovers of herbal tea. In this garden, you will find lemongrass, mint, pineapple sage and stevia. Old saucers and discarded teacups used to decorate the garden. Non-slip composite decking materials can be used to layer up or raise your garden bed.

Sports garden: To pull off this creative garden theme, you need some sports accessories. You can get them for cheap in a thrift store. Soccer nets can be used to support cucumber stems while hockey sticks can be used to stake your tomato plant. 

Other types of the garden theme include burrito garden, lemonade garden, kid’s rain garden, minimalist garden etc. 

Use pot for plants

Growing plants directly on the ground may be costly, especially when you are planting seasonally. To maximise your garden space, use pots to grow your plants. 

Using pots for planting comes with a lot of benefits which include:

  • Portability and flexibility in rearranging plants at any giving time. 
  • Using pot for planting is very low-maintenance and affordable. You will only need to buy your pots once, and you won’t have to spend all the time on them. 
  • Potted plants can maximise your garden space as you can grow them at any place you like. You can grow them on your entry space, pavement, backyard etc. 
  • It can also be used as an ornamental piece, defining your garden structure. Garden pots come in several sizes, shapes, colour and style. They can improve your garden aesthetics. 
  • Since potted plants are portable and can easily be moved, you can place them at sunny spots around your house. 

Use the Walls

For some people, garden bed maybe expensive. Due to limited space, vertical gardening is more efficient. It is a style of gardening that revolves around the upward growth of crops. For instance, pachysandra, Mandevilla and other creeper plants and vines can be fixed on garden netting, walls, trellis, iron wrought and other garden structures. Vertical gardening is aesthetically appealing and promotes healthy plants, easy harvest, better air quality and better yields. 

Make your garden beautiful with creative lighting. 

Lighting is an excellent tool for beautifying your garden, especially if you intend luxuriating in your outdoor garden at night. The key to proper garden lighting is placing the light in the right place. It shouldn’t be too bright neither should it be too dim. Fairy lights and string lights can create an elegant ambience for your garden. Another cost-effective garden light is solar light, which eliminates the concern for power wastage. Candles, lanterns and tea light in recycled jars are also a cheap but effective way of adding beauty to your garden through lighting. 

With the above tips and help from other yard experts, your garden will look colourful and aesthetic appealing. The article has highlighted some essential features of small but beautiful gardens. We hope the basic changes you will make will improve the aesthetics and atmosphere of your garden. 

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