Combi Ovens: The Benefits

Last Updated on February 17, 2022 by Kravelv

A combi oven is one of the most versatile pieces of commercial restaurant equipment. A combi oven is a multifunctional device that can perform multiple functions within one unit. It can be used to cook with steam, convection, or a combination thereof. What are the real advantages of combi ovens?

combi ovens


Commercial combi ovens are great for many cooking methods because they create a controlled environment in which moisture and heat can be controlled. A combi oven allows operators to cook, steam, smoke, and grill as well as braise, bake, re-therm, and grill.


Combi ovens can provide moisture, rather than removing it. This allows for higher yields when cooking meats and other proteins. This benefit is not available in standard convection ovens.

Maximize kitchen space

Commercial kitchens are often small and cramped spaces that lack extra space. Food service operators are often faced with difficult choices when it comes to the equipment they can use. This has a negative impact on menu creation. A combi allows you to get maximum functionality from a small space while also increasing menu variety.

Ease of use

Operators can now enjoy the convenience of using the modern combi ovens on the market today. Do you want to make a sheet pan of grilled cheese sandwiches or two? Simply place them in the oven, and then press a button. The oven will take care of the rest.

A combi oven offers many benefits every day

Combi ovens offer many benefits for busy commercial kitchens. They can be efficient and cost-effective, as well as consistent and high quality.

You can consolidate your tools and add multi-functionality to your kitchen. Combi ovens are more than just dry heat and steam. They can also do the work of most other appliances in a kitchen, such as a steamer, fryer, convection oven, steamer, and chargrill. You can save space and money.

You can cook with greater flexibility. A combi oven allows you to prepare the same dish for many people, or you can make smaller portions of several different meals at once. It is ideal for small and large premises.

You will save money by cooking faster thanks to an efficient engine. Your bills will drop in no time. Combination cooking ensures that food doesn’t dry out or shrink, making combi ovens a smart investment for the future.

It will make life easier for your staff. Your kitchen team will also love it. The combi oven helps your chef create consistently high-quality meals. It also allows you to program or self-program cooking processes so that the same dishes can be cooked again and again. This is great if your staff has to change their rote often.

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