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Keeping it Clear: A Guide to Window Glass

With electricity costs rising, more and more homeowners are becoming interested in improving energy efficiency in their homes, starting with exploring how replacing their windows can help. The only problem is, choosing a replacement window can get tricky because you have all these terms being thrown around. I’m here to address that, covering the basics to help you understand window glass better and assist you in choosing the right window for you.

Getting Started: A Few Important Terms

Window glass come with labels specifying ratings in certain criteria. Generally, these criteria include:

About the Glass

You will also encounter different window glass options, like:

Choosing the Right Window Glass

The right window glass for is one that addresses specific requirements put forth by the climate you live in. For instance, those in hotter climates, you’ll want a window that lets in less heat so look for windows that offer the lowest U-factor and SHGC. Those in colder areas, on the other hand, will benefit from windows with high SHGC that will help heat your home during the day, but with low U-factor, so that the heat that does enter your house doesn’t dissipate too fast.


Author Bio:

Scott Barr currently heads Southwest Exteriors and has been with the company since 1990.  He’s committed to delivering the “Ultimate Client Experience” so he finds great enjoyment in hearing customers talk (even rave) about how satisfied they are with their home improvement project. For updates from Scott, you can check out the company blog.


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