Getting Your Roof Repaired: What to Expect

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No one looks forward to it but there will come a time when your roof will need repairs. Sometimes they’re for storm damage, sometimes they’re for the usual wear and tear. Sometimes they’re minor, sometimes they’ll require major work to get your roof back into shape. Whatever kind of repair you need for whatever reason, knowing what to expect will help ensure that the process is carried out as smoothly as possible for both you and your contractor.

Upon Making that Call

When you call a roofing contractor for a repair, the first thing you will get is a schedule for an initial visit. During this visit, roofing technicians will conduct an assessment of your roof to give you and your contractor an idea of the scope of the repair you need. If this is your first time calling a roofing company, you can use this opportunity to learn more about the roofer you’re interested in, like inquiring about the products and services they offer and how long they’ve been in the business.

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During the Initial Visit

On the day of the initial visit, the roofing technician will conduct an assessment and give you an overview of the situation. Depending on the specifics of the repair, an estimate may be provided to you on the same day as the assessment or a few days after to give the contractor time to thoroughly review the damage and give you the best solution possible. The roofing technician may discuss options available to you though to give you an idea as to what kind of repair work you will be dealing with. As you’re talking to a representative of a roofing company directly, take advantage of the chance to discuss any other concerns you might have, although, of course, you are more than free to give them a call again should you wish to make any clarifications.

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Before Repair Day

You should have a written contract outlining all the work to be done for the repair, clearly specifying the responsibilities you and your contractor have. Make sure both parties have signed this contract and that all terms and conditions are clear before any work begins. Depending on what has been agreed upon, the roofing contractor may start bringing in materials for the repair.

As part of getting your home ready for a roof repair, considering taking residence someplace else in the meantime may benefit you. It’s possible for minor roof repairs to be done in a day or two but major work can take at least a week. That’s several days of noise and debris. Use the schedule your roofing contractor provided to help you decide what kind of arrangements you should make to accommodate your roof’s repair. Don’t forget to advise your neighbors that you’re getting some repair work done! Nobody likes being jolted awake by construction noise.

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Repair Day

It’s time to get the work done! At this point, you’ve done all you should so the rest is up to your roofing contractor. Hopefully everything goes as planned but be ready for surprises, like rot damage hidden until your contractor started working on your roof. If you’re getting other work done, make sure all additions are reflected in your contract. Before paying for the repairs, don’t forget to check your roof to ensure everything is in order first.


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