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Is your beer cooler working normally or needs service?

When you are a beverage lover, you have to be very observant and get whether your fridge is working normally or not. Most of the time, you get so busy in your daily household that you cannot figure out any change in it.

But if you want to prevent your beer fridge from any big trouble, keep check and balance on its working. The experts at Beer Snobs recommend that you check for any minor change and fix it as soon as possible. If you are not aware of the possible problems of your cooling machine, read all of these given signs and get about its working state. So, let’s get started.

Is your beer cooler working normally? Yes or No

When you have a refrigerator or a fridge, do not let on the mercy of cold drinks. These beverages are there to be cold, not to take care of it. You generally think that rubbing a wet piece of towel is enough to keep it working but it is not. You have to manage its complete maintenance and observe any signs of fault. When you will get those problems on time, you will be able to revive your fridge but if it is too late to fix it, you will lose your refrigerator.

When you plan to have a new beverage cooler, must know the best beer fridge for the garage. This will save you from much hustle.

Here you can see the major issues of the beer fridges.


Like any other refrigerator, a beverage fridge also cools the drinks including beer. This cold environment is to keep the cans cold and it does not mean that your fridge should be damp. If there is excessive moisture and it keeps damp, it shows a serious problem with it.  

If your cooler is doing the same and you see moisture on the shelves and around, means the seal of your fridge is damaged. When a leak appears, it does not seem to figure out on the spot and results in the massive build-up of mold and mildew. This fungal infestation not only contaminates your refrigerator but also damaging your health.

Frost build-up

Just like the moisture problem, frost build-up shows a problem in your fridge. If there is minor frost in the corners or at the shelves, it is normal and you do not have to be worried about but if there are heaps of frost that you scrap every day, this is not normal at all. The coil of your fridge is damaged. It is also possible that air is leaking that is causing making high amounts of frost. So, if you see that your fridge is showing this sign, give it a round of service and repair the leak.  

Odd noise

Another thing you have to observe is the sound of the refrigerator. Most of the fridges make a constant low buzzing sound. If your cooler is also making the same faint noise, it is normal but if the sound is getting louder and keeps on changing, it means there is a major problem.

Fridges mostly produce such uneven, and odd sounds when there is a problem with the power supply or have a wiring issue. In the case of discharger problems, beer fridges also produce such noises. Even sometimes it starts humming. This issue may cause big damage to your fridge.

Pungent or chemical odors

When you clean the beverage fridge from inside does it smell? If you are feeling an odd chemical-like smell, there is something fishy. A normal refrigerator does not produce any pungent odor. It is due to the release of any chemical. It might be the coolant that is leaking. You just have to be clear that if there is a smell, your cooler is in the problem. If you are not getting the chemical odor, just smell your regular kitchen refrigerator and take a big whiff in this cooler, you will feel the difference.

Constant on and off-cycle

If your refrigerator is making constant on and off cycles. It results from several problems like temperature not set properly, incorrect charging, the problem in electrical components, or many such issues. When you notice such behavior in the fridge, do not feel it normal and disconnect immediately until you resolve the issue.

So, if there are any issues in your fridge, do not feel it normal and fix them as soon as possible to prevent any major loss. If you will report in time, you will save your cooler.

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