What are the considerations to make when choosing the best olive oil sprayer?

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

In recent times, due to the pros of olive oil sprayer, most people have started using it. In case you are among those who are living mindfully, then you will join this bandwagon. This product offers various benefits including making you be a better person, saving money, being environmentally friendly and crown it all, it is very easy to use.

With the olive oil sprayer, you will be able to save money and time in the kitchen while at the same time, saving on waste and calories. But the truth is that not all oil sprayers come with all these benefits. To make sure that you settle for the best oil sprayer, you will have to check out the following.

What is making you choose the reusable oil sprayer?

Whenever you hear oil sprayer, what comes to your mind in most instances is an aerosol made of metal can for vegetable oil. While such type tends to be easy to use and cheap, they are not the best choice for the planet or yourself.

Most of the traditional sprayers do rely on propellants like nitrous oxide, alcohol, or propane to help in forcing the oil out of the can as a continuous spray. Apart from these chemicals, anti-foaming agents and emulsifiers are added. If you want to avoid such unhealthy additives and having a lot of waste, you have two options.  You can decide to pour your olive oil straight into the pan or on your meal, or you can use waistline-friendly and earth reusable oil sprayers.

What to look for when you are choosing an olive oil sprayer

With a variety of olive oil sprayers in the market, it might become tough for you to pick the right one for your specific needs. The following are some of the things to consider when looking around for the best reusable oil sprayers.

What it is made of:

  • Glass: This is a material that is earth-friendly and great for oils as it doesn’t absorb or leach. But on the downside, glass tends to be less durable as compared to metal and plastic and it also allows light to go through it, which then decreases the load of antioxidants and might cause the oil to turn into a rancid very fast. While most of them are beautifully designed to be placed on display, you must keep the oil locked away in a dark pantry.
  • Metal: It is an earth-friendly material that is durable and it can keep the light away. But it tends to be expensive as compared to plastic and glass olive oil sprayers and there are times when it affects the oil taste. Just like their glass counterparts, they are heavier so going for a bottle that has a smaller capacity might be the best way to go.
  • Plastic: Though it is not the best choice for olive oil sprayers in terms of being environment-friendly, it is durable and cheap. On its downside, it tends to be able to leach chemicals in the oil even if it is said to be BPA free. And just the way glass behaves, the plastic bottles which are clear have to be placed in a pantry or cupboard to keep the oil fresher for a longer period.

How does it do the spraying?

  • Pressure sprayers: If that is what you prefer, it does its spraying like the aerosol cans. But because it does not have a propellant, you will need to have a bottle that is pressurized using a hand pump. The quality of the product that you purchase will determine the number of times you will be required to pressurize in between the uses of the sprayer.
  • Pull trigger sprayers: It does function like a squirt bottle. Whenever you pull it back or there is a need to push it down on the trigger, there is a single spray oil that is released. While there is no benefit of a continual stream that comes with these types of sprayers, they might be the best if you are looking out to measure the amount of oil you will be applying.

How easy is it to clean?

The main downside of the reusable sprayers is that you will need to clean them out occasionally. In case you don’t, even if you have purchased the best olive oil sprayer, it will get gummed up and then stop working correctly.

You will need to look for sprayers that can easily be separated and cleaned manually or tossed into a dishwasher. Or even get one which is designed for flushing with soapy water. This is going to save you the hassle of having to disassemble and assemble each time there is a need for cleaning it.

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