Interior Design with Antique Furniture

Last Updated on April 12, 2022 by Kravelv

Some people like to keep up with the latest trends, whether this is in the form of fashion, cars, gadgets or even interior design, there is a thriving market that can cater to them. But what if you are a more traditional type of person?

Not everyone likes to stay on-trend, some people appreciate the things that were popular years ago and this includes furniture. This article will focus on giving a home a makeover, not to make it more modern but to make it more traditional and give it a classic look and feel.

It should be noted that this type of vintage/antique makeover doesn’t need to apply to all areas of the house, for example, you don’t need to go without a TV or mod-cons or build an outside toilet. Just introducing some classic pieces of furniture is enough.

Finding the right vintage or antique furniture to furnish your home with can be difficult, especially if you are looking for things like full sets of chairs or even tables. But if you look hard enough on the internet and in antique shops you can find genuine antique and vintage style furniture that not only looks great but also surprisingly affordable. Please see below for a selection of antique furniture that you can consider for any vintage home makeover project you may have in mind.

Classic Antique And Vintage Furniture Options

Below you will see a few antique/vintage items of furniture that can be bought as stand-alone items or bought as part of a set. The list is by no means exhaustive and there are literally thousands of more items you can consider, providing they meet your project objectives and budget.

  • Antique Dressers – Antique dressers are as striking and functional today as they’ve always been and when filled with corresponding vintage chinaware can look fantastic in any kitchen or dining area.

  • Antique Dressing Table – Bear in mind that your bedroom or dressing room will need to be styled appropriately in order to accommodate this classic piece of lady-oriented furniture. Practical, attractive and functional are just three of the many terms that could be applied to this timeless classic.
  • Table And Chairs – Acquiring antique/vintage table and chairs can be a bit more of a tricky proposition as you will obviously want them all to match. If you have seen a table and chairs you like but there are not quite enough chairs to go around, speak to your antique dealer and ask him if he can find more. Most dealers attend auctions regularly and also know other people in the trade who might be able to help out.

As previously mentioned, the above items are just a snapshot of the antique furniture available from established suppliers. If you want anything specific, simply get in touch with your antique specialist who will be happy to assist if possible.

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