Why You Need To Buy A Shoe Cabinet

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It’s a good idea for any home to have a homemade shoe cabinet. There are a lot of women who love to buy fashionable and expensive shoes. This is why shoe cabinets are essential. Shoes should be stored neatly and not look like a mess on the floor.

The main purpose of owning a homemade shoe cabinet is for the organization. Shoes can trip you if they are left scattered on the floor. You also have the advantage of knowing where to find them the moment you need to wear them. This way, you will not be wasting time looking for shoes when you are already late for work.

Delicate shoes such as stilettos need to be handled with care. Designer shoes can cost hundreds of dollars, so it is a good idea to protect your investment. Shoe cabinets made with woodworking tools will prevent damage brought about by scratches when left lying on the floor, from dust and water.

The traditional shoe cabinet is made from wood, but they can also be made from plastic or aluminum. Those made with wood can be of pine, cherry or oak. The material used for these cabinets can add appeal to your home depending on where they are placed. Decorative cabinets can be placed near a door to compliment other furniture.

One should choose this piece of furniture depending on the need and space available. The usual normal height of the cabinet is about three feet and a depth of two inches more than the length of the longest shoe to be stored. You can get these cabinets according to your specifications. These cabinets need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the production of germs and other bacteria.

If you are on a budget, those made with plastic are less expensive. If you have the money to splurge, then you can buy a decorative shoe cabinet that will be perfect with your expensive shoes.

Wooden Shoe Rack – A Durable and Elegant Shoe Organizer

A wooden shoe rack is considered as a home essential. It is one of the things that could make your home a better place to live in since all your shoes would be in their proper places. There would be no messy corner, and you would find real pleasure in seeing all your shoes organized properly.

Wooden shoe racks are very durable and are also elegant-looking. These racks come in a range of design and sizes made from the router table, and they could always make your home look great. There are also different types of wood that are used by manufacturers of these racks.

One of the most common types of these racks is the open, multi-layered rack. These racks are not enclosed and come in several levels. Usually, you would find two-leveled racks, with a single level having the capacity to hold three or four pairs of shoes. For homes with a lot of family members, there are shoe racks that have five levels or more. The number of shoes that a single rack could hold would always depend on the width of the shoe racks. If a single level could hold four pairs, then having a five-level rack would be able to hold around twenty-four pairs of shoes.

Aside from these open-type racks, there are also wooden homemade shoe cabinets. These are enclosed, with several shelves available to accommodate a lot of shoes. These cabinets are usually opted for by a lot of homeowners because they keep shoes hidden from plain view, and they are also able to contain any smell that emanates from shoes. There are also deodorizers available that could easily be placed in the cabinet to keep it smelling fresh.

With this rack around, separating old and seldom-worn shoes very easy. Those shoes that you often wear to work or whenever you go out could be placed on the top shelves. On the other hand, those that you do not wear often could be placed on the lower shelves.

For those who have boots, which are much taller than other shoes, an open-type wooden shoe rack would be much better. You could utilize the topmost shelf for your boots since they might not fit when placed on lower shelves. There are also shoe organizers available today where you would be able to adjust the height of the shelves. With the various types of racks available, there would always be one that could meet your needs.


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