Your Ultimate Guide to Installing Custom Steel French Doors

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Doors are a crucial part of your house. While their primary purpose is to enhance the safety levels of your home, they also have an aesthetic significance. Your steel door is probably the first thing people who enter your home are likely to notice. Hence, it’s critical to choose a door that blends well with the theme and style of your home. French doors have been in fashion throughout their existence.

However, initially, they were only installed in colonial-styled homes, cottage-style homes, and other traditional and classic-style homes. The one factor that discouraged homeowners from installing French doors is that they are less durable than other door types. However, steel French doors solve the issue by offering ease of maintenance and enhanced durability levels.

What are French Doors?

French doors typically have two sections that are hinged separately on either side of the door frame. Each section of the door has glass panes. The door may contain a single glass pane or multiple glass panes. The glass panes may extend throughout the length of the door or most of the door. The panes allow the entry of plenty of natural light, and the extra width allows for natural ventilation. Homeowners can choose tinted glass for the doors to ensure their privacy is not compromised.

Installing Custom French Doors

Since glass forms a significant part of the door, the doors have to be handled carefully. Therefore, it’s best to seek the help of professionals who have extensive experience in handling and installing steel French doors.

Take the Right Measurements

Measure the doorframe or the entry space to get an accurate understanding of your requirements. A door that’s too large or too small could pose plenty of problems. It would be best if you also get accurate measurements of the required door height. Your door supplier might help you take measurements to design your French door.

Choose the Style

Custom steel French doors come in different styles. You could choose a style that best blends with your home design. Go through brochures of the door supplier you chose or visit the store to get an idea of the different styles of metal doors you can choose from. For example, if your home follows a contemporary, chic theme, it may be best to choose a sleek contemporary French door.

If your home features a traditional look, you may be better off with a more elaborately decorated, classy door. You may also want to verify the other features of the door like the door handles and the quality of the glass used. The glass should be strong and not vulnerable to easy damage or breakage. 

Seek Professional Help

French door installations are trickier and more challenging than most other door installations. It’s best to let an expert who has the required knowledge and experience installing French doors handle the job. While metal doors are more durable than wooden doors, they are also prone to denting and other damages. 

Wrap Up

Steel French doors offer more durability and versatility than traditional French doors. They come in several innovative shapes and styles and are easy to clean and maintain. An expert can help you install the door without any problems.

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