How to install corrugated metal roofing

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Corrugated metal roofing is not too much famous these days, but they still have demand for various purposes. Likely they can be used for making roofs of the garage and some local factories and other industries also use this corrugated metal roofing. In some small town and poor areas people also making their house roofs with this material. Now a day, it is not commonly used in major areas. One of the major advantages was that it took low cost than other cemented roofs. It was been used for a long time in a past, but now in most developed countries it has no more demand and you won’t find it on many of houses. Another big feature was that it is easy to install and took no more time but you should make sure that its fitting will be well enough. These all done in a form of project. There are some steps in which you should install and fix it.

Steps to install corrugated metal roofing

Step 1: Measure the length you have to install

The first step before starting the work was to determine that how much length you should have to install. Measure the area by length and width of one side each, then multiply each other and then doubled the result in square foot and then buy the sheets you will need.

Step 2: Place the tar paper

To save the woods on the roof for a long time, you need to coated and cover them by putting down tar paper there and the one thing that was important for you to know was it must overlap by at least four inches and by overlapping the paper it will help you to protect your wood and gives a moisture hindrance on the roof.

Step 3: Initial fitting of sheets

For fitting the first sheet you should need the help of someone and you should be very careful to place it on the right balance. Before you fix the sheets put down the strips underneath where the screw will go. After that carefully do the same with other sheets. Then allowing struck out of two inches on each side. Drill a hole in an upper corner of the plain inner side. Closed the place with a screw and waterproof washer. Make sure that the screw is placed at every six inches distance.

Step 4:   Placed the remaining of the row

After fitting the first sheet. Then placed the other remaining in the row. These sheets also overlapped by four inches. Make sure that there’s also an overhang of two inches. Protect the sheets with a screw fitting.

Step 5: Complete the other side

If the roof is two-sided, then as you did on the first side, do the same on the other side. Install the corrugated ridge same as you done before and place the panel across the other.

Step 6: Finish to the ridge line

As you done the whole work before, then finish carefully to the ridge line and place the top row to secure the corrugated metal roofing not to level to the ridge on each side. It should come out to the top of the sheets on the other side. To complete the whole work, you will need to use some special corrugated ridge roofing. Then put it down to secure the top of the sheets on both of the sides and doing the entire length of the roof.

So, we have seen the installation of corrugated metal roofing in detail. But if still you are facing trouble install corrugated metal roofing then you really need to contact professional Residential roofing contractors for assistance.

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