Preparing for Major Home Improvements

Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Kravelv

The decision to do major renovations or make some big changes to your house is a serious one and you should always go in prepared. In this article we’ll discuss what preparation means for home renovation and give you some straightforward, actionable ideas to prepare for your next big project. Whether you’re just getting started on your new fixer-upper or it’s time to update an old home before you refinance, you’ll want to be sure that you’re totally ready to go forward.

Hire the Right Contractor

What a lot of people don’t realize is that not every project is a do-it-yourself undertaking. Smart homeowners know their own limits and tackle smaller, safer improvements on their own while hiring a professional contractor to take care of the big stuff. Hiring a good contractor isn’t quite as simple as doing a quick Google search, though. Speak with anyone you’re thinking about hiring over the phone or in person. Ask to see photos of their previous work, figure out prices that work for you, and confirm that they have a contractor’s license if one is required in your state.

Once you’ve picked out a contractor that you can work with ask to be kept in the loop on any changes to the schedule. Sometimes these hiccups can be minor flukes, but if there’s a pattern of work that’s over budget and overdue it may be time to fire the tardy contractor in favor of a new one.

Get Your Finances in Order

This may seem like a no-brainer for some, but there is nothing worse than tearing out half of your living room wall only to discover too late that you don’t have the funds to finish your project. This ties into what we discussed above, finding a good contractor. A professional should give you a reliable estimate on cost so that you can make sure that you’re prepared before your house turns into a construction site for a week or two.

If you find yourself coming up a little over budget for renovations that absolutely need to happen, meet with your banker to talk about your loan options. A small loan can set you up for all the changes that you need to make and it will be easy to repay after a few paychecks.

Be Environmentally Responsible

Lots of people are motivated to renovate their homes in order to become more compliant with environmental regulations. Old homes with poor insulation, for example, can end up wasting a lot of electricity. This is not only bad for the environment, but bad for many homeowners pocketbooks as well.

However, it’s not enough to aim towards an environmentally friendly home. The way that you make your renovations should also be in line with your ideals. This means hiring a contractor who agrees to work by your terms and who will hire subcontractors who are environmentally responsible in what they do.

This doesn’t just apply for big projects. Even if you’re doing something as simple as adding new wallpaper to your bathroom you can still work with a green printing company to get the job done.

Whatever your project is there’s no excuse to be unprepared for any home renovations that you do.