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Important Questions to Ask Your Window and Door Replacement Contractor

When you’re in the market for new windows and doors, selecting the best products and contractors to work with can get pretty confusing. Knowing the right questions to ask your potential product and service providers can save you a lot of heartache and make your project much easier to do as well as faster to complete.

From a home value perspective, getting your doors and windows replaced can boost your home’s value, a plus if you’re in the market to resell the home sometime in the future. Door and window replacements offer one of the highest ROIs in home improvement; more than just making your home prettier, your choice of windows and doors can impact significantly on your home’s security and energy efficiency capabilities.

Meant to last for years – decades, even – your double iron doors and windows are likely to serve you longer and better if you carefully select proven brands and have them installed by the most reliable professionals you can find in your area.

The most important questions you need to ask are those specific to the products you’re considering, as well as questions for the service providers, i.e. your installers or contractors. Make short work of finding the best doors and windows, as well as the most suitable contractors by asking the yourself and your suppliers the right questions beforehand:

Questions to Find the Right Windows and Doors

Windows and doors protect us against environmental factors and unwanted visitors, so it’s essential that they be sturdy enough to resist intruders and be capable of keeping air from seeping in or escaping to the outdoors.


Look for products that carry this label.

Make sure to get sturdy and secure locks for your exterior doors.

Questions to find the right company to work with

When you’re considering replacing your windows and doors, finding the most reliable company to take on your project can be a challenging. After all, your home is your most valuable investment and you certainly want only the best for youself; finding someone who can work with your budget AND bring you top-quality products and services at the same time can be quite a tall order. To find the company that can best deliver on your expectations, be ready to ask these questions:

Make sure your installers have appropriate training and certification

Energy-efficient windows and doors may entitle you to tax credits.

There are many more questions you can ask, but this list should be good enough to provide you with the basic information you need. Remember, the decision on product and service ultimately rests with you. Be smart about your choices, and you’re sure to enjoy your new windows and doors for a long time to come.


Author Bio:

Jason Rohde has held many positions, from sweeping floors to installer and tech measure, and now holds the position of General Manager. His extensive years in the industry have made him a true expert in his field. Jason’s goal, both personal and business, is to please every customer with a solution that makes them happy about investing in such a large-change remodel as windows. His happiest days are knowing that the customer and their family are warm, saving money, and happy with the experience. Whether it be a large project or one small window, the expectations are the same. When Jason is not working, you can find him spending time with his family, walking his dog, Brandy, or watching the Brewers, Packers, or Badgers.


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