8 Ideas For A Stunning Curb Appeal

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Holy cow! Look at that magnificent piece of art. Can you make me an offer? – Words, every homeowner who’s putting their house for sale wants to hear!

First impressions are like the mainspring of real estate, called “curb appeal.” Buyers decide if they want to purchase a house in the first eight seconds of viewing the property. So it goes without saying, you have to make every second count. Even if the inside of your humble adobe is jaw-dropping, a neglected or lackluster porch will feel unreceptive to potential buyers and guests.

The judgment-call of buyers stretches to the outside of a home. If the exterior is a treat for sore eyes, the inside won’t matter as much. Additionally, if you’re hoping to catch a fruitful buyer, research has shown curb appeal can boost a home’s value by 7% or more. So isn’t it bonkers for you to hope for a decent offer when you’ve got faded walls, a broken porch swing, and a malfunctioning security system?

Remember: A few basic changes can make your house the prettiest one on the block!

Furthermore, it doesn’t take a butt-load of refurbishment to gussy up the peripheral vision of your home. These subtle design ideas and minor upgrades can help create an eye-catching home on any budget.

1. Remove Clutter

Who’s going to buy a house with a yard crawling with clutter? Nobody. Not even you!

A rule of thumb for curb appeal: keep the walkways, lawn, and driveway free of clutter. That includes (but isn’t limited to) yard tools, excessive garden ornaments, kids’ toys, and uncoiled sloppy hoses. Remove any unnecessary items from the property. Once you are done de-cluttering, bedazzle the front of your home with some eye-catching and new things, but don’t oversell it.

2. Re-invent your Landscape

Before you go ahead and design a regal landscape with your head on a pedestal, think about your routine. If you know you won’t have time to prune your roses or mow the lawn every weekend, choose low-maintenance greenery and a desert landscape with succulents. That way, your front yard will always be in tip-top shape to cast a spell on the viewer.

On the other hand, if you’ve got some trees growing on one end of the yard, it’s better not to over-crowd. Let some of the trees go. Don’t have time to do it yourself? Don’t sweat it because Tree Surgery by Ricky Vincent offers tree removal services at a reasonable cost while also being efficient and safe at the job. So get your unwanted trees out of the way so you can make room for a well-trimmed and beautifully maintained landscape!

3. Paint your Exterior

If you aren’t planning on throwing some fresh coats of paint to “everything that shows,” what’s the point of re-decorating?

Just paint it! Fresh paint looks fantastic on siding or brick. However, to really uplift curb appeal, make sure to utilize three colors. The combination must be unique enough to make your house pop from everybody else’s’ in the neighborhood.

Furthermore, the exterior areas you should be painting include the walls, garage door, trim, roof, front door, and windows. If you could find shutters in the right color, that would be a “cherry on top” situation!

4. Let the Entryway Shine

Some houses have a discrete front entryway in the arrangement of a covered entrance.

This area demands special care when re-designing any front curb. A decaying porch can be unattractive. Thankfully, this is an easy area to fix.

Think of a color scheme that might complement the front entryway. A simple brush of white and a series of sophisticated LED lights can do wonders. Make it even more outstanding with other colors, such as pale grey, brown, and other neutral tones. Also, place a welcome mat with matching colors and make it easy to keep the entryway spotless even when it’s snowing or raining.

Your entry should also reflect the inside of your home. Choose a flag, wreath, or swag that reflects your style!

5. Pay Attention to the Windows

Windows are practically the eyes of a home, and when they’re streaked and dirty, the whole house looks sad and tired.

Therefore, make sure your house looks cheerful and bright by giving them a thorough clean. While this isn’t the most satisfying chore, it’s certainly affordable. It just takes some elbow grease and a little of your time. You don’t even need to buy fancy cleansers – just create a vinegar solution, and viola, your windows are shinier than ever!

Once you’re done cleaning the windows, why not decorate them a little? Install window boxes. Window boxes provide an easy and fast way to bring charm and color to your home’s curb appeal. Buy boxes made from iron or copper for a rustic look or painted wood for a cottage vibe. Match and mix plants and flowers to suit your lighting and color scheme.

6. Utilize Outdoor Furniture Briskly

Excessive outdoor fittings can make your home look busy, while too little can make it look deserted or scarce. Try to discover a balance between somewhere in the middle, and ensure your outdoor furniture is in top-notch condition.

For small yards, put in ceramic stools for seating and add a little charm by setting up a vintage table with an adorable planter on top.

7. Make Necessary Repairs

The entry door lockset, house numbers, an overhead light fixture, and a wall-mounted mailbox are all rudiments that can add interest and style to your home’s curb appeal. If they are stained or out of date, your home may not be conveying the message you think it is. Each of these elements adds the most appeal when they work together. Oiled-bronze touches suit traditional homes, while nickel suits ones that are more contemporary.

8. Give Your Garage Door a Lift

In many modern neighborhoods, garage doors dominate what you witness from the street, but they often lack the rest of the home’s depth or detail. One touch-up requires no commitment: magnetic or temporary decorative hardware – like hasps, faux window panels, and handles. These accessories offer integrity and remain secure.


These tips will definitely draw-in more buyers than you could ever imagine.

Keep in mind that uplifting your house’s curb appeal can be done within a few days, only if you plan ahead and pay attention to the projects that will make a difference. Chances are, your house already has many gorgeous elements, and it just requires a few final changes to really spike interests. So put some time and effort into it, and you’ll be stunned by the results!

Kravelv is a full time digital marketer and part time furniture and cabinet maker. During his free time he would like to create something out of recycled woods, this varies from toys, furnitures plant boxes etc. Follow him on Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook